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Vision Source Members

Vision Source has partnered with Local Eye Site to bring the most effective hiring tools in the industry to its members.

Vision Source Member Discount

Vision Source members qualify to receive 40% off any job listing option through Local Eye Site. Simply complete the form to receive your discount code via email.

Introducing Your Hiring Specialist

Hi! My name is Maureen Schmitz, and I am the Vision Source Representative for Local Eye Site. I'm here to help you develop a hiring strategy for your practice. Contact me today to learn more about what Local Eye Site can do to help you hire quickly and cost-effectively.

Maureen Schmitz

Vision Source Specialist at Local Eye Site


What Other Members Are Saying

"We have used Local Eye Site as a major part of our hiring process for the last two years. It has always yielded quality candidates and helped ensure we continue to have a solid team in our office."

Kristen O'Brien

Vision Source of GVR

Denver, CO

"We like having access to a site that specalizies in helping us find qualified applicants in our industry.  We like that our ad is constantly updated on the individual sites, so it remains fresh and current for those looking on those sites for employment. Local Eye Site is very responsive to questions and timely in calling or emailing you back to answer questions."

Myra Huser

Vision Clinic

A Member of Vision Source

Springfield, MO

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