What People Say

The Local Eye Site team has been a joy to work with!  Not only have they accomodated our Doctor recruiting needs in regards to various versions of job ad types, email campaigns and job updates, but they have also worked quickly to position our job ads to receive an excellent response!  We're thrilled with Local Eye Site...we've already hired several rockstar Optometrists! 

Ashliegh Dumont

Visionworks - San Antonio, TX

We’re a one doctor Ophthalmology practice in Crystal Lake, IL. Because of the size of our practice, we don’t have large recruiting needs, or a large recruiting budget. Local Eye Site is perfect for us.  It’s an affordable way to recruit, and they provide excellent service. We’ve hired 3 employees, including an Ophthalmic Tech through LES.  We’re very pleased, and will use their website again next time we have staffing needs!

Holly Rice, COT, OSC

Crystal Lake Ophthalmology - Crystal Lake, IL

Great resource for new candidates.  Generated more possibilities than any online job site we've used!

Nathan Heilman

River Valley Eye Professionals-Yadkinville, NC 

We used Local Eye Site to hire a Billing Coordinator for our private practice.  We found the service to be very effective!

Dr. Nathan Gorham

Family Vision Center of Tacoma - Tacoma, WA 

We found great applicants and hired not one, but TWO fantastic Optometrists to join our team!

Rose Huth

Northwest Vision Institute - Bellevue, WA

We are very happy with Local Eye Site!  Your team does an amazing job helping us find terrific Ophthalmic job candidates! 

Shawn Harkey

Retina Consultants of Houston-Houston, TX 

We have been able to recruit several credentialed technicians/scribes for our clinic through Local Eye Site.  We tend to see high quality applicants here, and they provide great technical support!

Alyson Grotheer

Denver Eye Surgeons-Lakewood, CO

"We were pleasantly surprised when we received a resume from an optical sales candidate in upstate New York that was moving to the area. She fits the personality of our office perfectly and we would have never received this type of resume with our usual recruiting techniques."

Heather Glass

MyEyes Optometry-Dunn, NC

Recruiting Optometrist in this employment market is very challenging, but Local Eye Site got the job done for us.  In roughly 60 days, we hired 2 ODs from an ad on their website.  We’re now using their site to recruit a Lab Optician.  We highly recommend Local Eye Site!

Ankit Patel

The Lean Way Consulting-Atlanta, Ga. 

Great experience!  I put an ad for an Ophthalmic Tech on Local Eye Site, and we received several great candidates quickly.  We have already hired new staff.  Thank you!

Janet Hunter

20/20 Now - New York, NY 

We have gotten some great employees from Local Eye Site!

Erin Gordon

Eye Associates of Tallahassee-Tallahassee, FL

I found the perfect candidate and hired her. Excellent results with Local Eye Site!

Dr. Ted Vorster

Doctor's Eye Center - Silsbee, TX

I think this is a great site to attract applicants with eye care related experience!

Genie Greene

Piedmont Eye Associates - Spartanburg, SC

I am very thankful to have Local Eye Site as a resource for staffing needs.  It is nice to have a direction to go that will fill a more specified employment opening when one arises.  Meredith has been very easy to work with as well!

Deborah Werling

Whitson Vision - Indianapolis, IN

We were able to successfully fill the position. The new employee does not have experience in the field of ophthalmology, but has been doing medical transcription for several years. She has been with use now for 2 1/2 weeks and I am very pleased with her. I can honestly say, that when it comes time for us to hire again, we will be using your web site.

Valerie Gurekovich

Centre Eye Physicians and Surgeons - State College, PA

It was very convenient to be able to check my email to see if there were any new candidates. It helped make the process a lot more efficient.

Anita Bruce

Bedford Vision and Eye Clinic - Shelbyville, TN

Local Eye Site was just what I needed for my hiring. The assessment was a very valuable feature. We received a number of applicants that were all required to take the assessment. This gave us an order to review resumes and gave us comfort knowing we were making the right decision!

Dr. Eric Stamper

Vision Source of Hendersonville - Hendersonville, TN

The Local Eye Site Assessment Scores are very helpful in determining the best candidates.

Elizabeth Cifers

Retina Institute of Virginia-Richmond, VA

I have been using Local Eye Site for many years - since inception, and am quite pleased. I initially began to use Local Eye Site as the Director of Clinical Services at the Duke Eye Center, and have continued over the years. Thank you for helping me to recruit quality staff members and physicians.

Ray Fligman

Chapel Hill Ophthalmology-Chapel Hill, NC

We have had a lot of success from the ads we have placed with Local Eye Site. We have had qualified candidates apply and have made hires from those candidates.

David Gavin

Palmetto Retina Center-Columbia, SC

Local Eye Site helped our business find valuable employees.  I have personally recommended them to other colleagues who are in need of ophthalmic staff and will continue to use them for our future needs.

Stacey Lazar

The Cornea and Laser Eye Institute-Teaneck, NJ

We were able to fill the position with a candidate that came from Local Eye Site. It was very helpful and easy to use! We will definitely use them for other hiring needs in the future.

Dr. Gregory Giles

La Mesa Vision Care-La Mesa, CA

We hired an experienced Ophthalmic Technician for our practice. The site was easy to use and I was very happy with the quality of candidates that applied. I appreciate your services and a job well done!

Patricia Smith, MD

Triangle Eye Physicians, P.A.-Raleigh, NC

Using Local Eye Site to hire an Ophthalmic Technician worked out beautifully! We received a number of qualified applicants and were able to hire the perfect candidate for our practice. We will use them for any hiring needs that come up in the future.

Lee Klein, MD

Plantation Eye Associates-Plantation, FL

I was able to efficiently hire an Optometrist through Local Eye Site! The site was very user friendly and the applicants I received were qualified and professional. I will definitely use Local Eye Site for any future hiring needs!

Wes Johnson, OD

Professional Eyecare-Overland Park, KS

I have used Local Eye Site for my hiring for a long time and I am quite pleased  with the process.  I have recommended Local Eye Site to many others seeking staff for their offices.  I have gained some wonderful people that I hired through this site.  I will continue to use this site in the future.  

Mary Ann Naberezny

South Hills Eye Associates-Pittsburgh, PA

I am happy to report that through several contacts that we reached through Local Eye Site, we have hired a couple of new doctors.  We are very grateful for this and feel that your service is very valuable and effective.

Dr. William Fite

Sandia Vision Center - Albuquerque, NM

A week after Local Eye Site helped me set up my ad, I had several candidates to choose from. A week after that I’d hired a great optician for my practice. They made it easy to get the optician I needed. I would not hesitate to use them again.

Adam W. Brazus, MD, FACS,President, Indiana Academy of Ophthalmology

Brazus Ophthalmology-Indianapolis, IN 

Using Local Eye Site help me find an associate within 24 hours. The staff was very friendly and helpful, making the process quick and easy. 

Jerry Gerdes, OD

Family Eye Clinic-Lafayette, LA   

Local Eye Site was very helpful in finding the right Ophthalmic Technician for my practice. They have a seamless process for posting a job and provided quality candidates for me to choose from!"

Jay Bansal, M.D.

LaserVue Eye Center-San Francisco, CA

We had a good experience recruiting an OD through LES.  We received a manageable number of quality applications, and ultimately hired.  If the need arises, we would use LES again.

Andrew Hoehn

Moscow Family Eye Care - Moscow, ID

We made one hire from our listing and met 2 other good candidates! I will certianly use Local Eye Site again next time.

David Gavin

Palmetto Retina Cetner - Columbia, SC

I plan on returning to Local Eye Site when we hire again.  We scheduled 10 interviews, 8 of which were from Local Eye Site.  The tailored interview questions helped us with all candidates during the interview process.  I really liked the Assessment scoring system we signed up for as well.  By ranking the candidates, we saved time.  

BranningĀ I. Hollis, OD

Southern Eye Care Associates-Valrico, Fl

I did hire a candidate from Local Eye Site!  They are helpful and easy to deal with!

Diana Butler

Mid-Florida Eye Center-Apopka, Fl 


I have used Local Eye Site only once, however the results were excellent.  We filled our position in record time with a great candidate.  The Connect2Hire email service is a huge benefit.  Will definitely use this site again.

Tammy Garcia-VP of HR

Jobson Healthcare Information-New York, NY 

I was impressed with the quality of candidates I received using Local Eye Site.  I especially like the supplemental questions that were offered with each candidate.  Very helpful when making my hiring decision.

Dr. Debora Wright

foreSIGHT-Cincinnati, OH

The site is very easy to use. We have hired several employees through Local Eye Site. We would certainly use it again, and have recommended Local Eye Site to many others!

Mary Ann Naberezny

South Hills Eye Associates, Pittsburgh, PA


Good exposure.  Ya'll are the best for this industry. Thanks!

Robert Szypczak

The Eye Site of Bluffton-Hilton Head, South Carolina

This service is excellent. The website is very user friendly and easy to work with.

Magnus Einarsson

Sjon Reykjavik - Colorado, USA

At Vision Expo West in Las Vegas I met the representative for Local Eye Site. Her name is Bridger. She was enthusiastic about the multiple ways her company reaches prospective opticians for private practice optometrists. In need of new staff I figured it was worth a try. The first time I used Local Eye Site to post the position for an optician I received far more candidates than from my previous attempts on Craigslist. This company has assisted my business three times to find qualified opticians for my private practice. Definitively recommended.

Dr. John Bardash

Doctor Spex Vision Care - Denver, CO

Local Eye Site found me a new, very qualified optometrist within a week. They delivered exactly what they promised me for a very reasonable price. I am extremely happy with them and will recommend them to other doctors and practices.

Dr. Michael Cozzetta

Bright Eyes Vision Clinic - Denver, CO

We are very happy with the response we received from our ad.  The applicants were much more focused in their search for the specific position we offered and were overwhelmingly more qualified than the respondents to our CareerBuilder and Craig’s List Ads.  The search was over quickly and our new COMT is a GREAT fit for our practice.  Customer service is outstanding should you need to speak with the office.  Thanks!

Karl Henson

Pediatric Eye Specialists - Fort Worth, TX

I lead Doctor recruitment for Luxottica’s Brands including LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical and Target Optical.  I chose to partner with Local Eye Site in 2010 after meeting Brad McCorkle at an industry event.  When he shared his vision for his company and how he planned to become the “go to” career site for eye care professionals, the decision to post our affiliation opportunities was easy.  We have been loyal customers since.  We have been extremely pleased with how user-friendly their site is.  Most importantly, we have sourced some incredible Doctors of Optometry who are now affiliated with us as a result of our postings on LES.  I highly recommend this company.

Tifani DeMaria

Luxottica, Director, Professional Relations & Optometric Career Services Talent Acquisition

Our small retina practice needed a COA. For months we tried free websites and paid websites, but couldn't find the right qualified team member to fit with our practice. After going back and forth, we finally decided to jump in with localeyesite.com's service. Kelli Moss was fantastic in explaining the benefits that we would have by using their services, and we moved forward. We began receiving resumes within a week, even in our relatively small town. Ultimately we found two well-qualified team members and couldn't choose between them, so we hired them both. Thank you, Kelli and Localeyesite.com for taking the stress out of finding qualified team members. We highly recommend your services to anyone in doubt!

Angela Carpenter

Retina Associates of Southern Utah

In the past I had used several different employment services to fill staff positions without success.  I then tried Local Eye Site a year ago and successfully hired a solid staff member.  Nine months later I needed to add two new different positions and I went back to Local Eye Site.  I can happily report I was able to quickly fill both positions with quality people.  Having the expertise and personal attention of our account specialist Kelli Dupree helped set Local Eye Site apart from other employment services we had used in the past. When I am ready my next staff member, Local Eye Site will be my site of choice without exception.

Dr. Michael Zost

Vision Rehabilitation Associates - Northfield, IL

We filled our opening with an applicant we received through LocalEyeSite.  This is not the first employee we've hired since posting ads on your website so we are very satisfied and will post again when we have need of another employee!

Joan Dougherty

McDonald Ophthalmology - Bethlehem, PA

I've used Local Eye Site multiple times to hire certified personnel. Thank you - I will return the next time I need to hire!

Donna Lemley

Cataract and Eye Consultants of Michigan

Overall, we had a great experience using the site. We received a manageable number of applications, and ultimately found one that was a good fit.  We will gladly use the site again.

Jimmy Thompson

Medical Eye Associates - Wilson, NC

Thank you for your advice on my listing. It really helped and we were able to find our new Optician. We will be sure to use your site for any future associate needs. Thank you!

Dr. Saras Rustagi

Upper Montclair Eye Care and Wear - New Jersey

Local Eye Site is great, from the customer service to the ease of use of the web-site.  We hired one of our best employees ever from a resume we received through the site.  They helped us set up our ad for an Optician and were a pleasure to work with!

Dr. Ginger Coley

Coley & Coley Family Eye Care - Murfreesboro, TN

"Local Eye Site was helpful in finding me a wonderful employee!"

Peter Small, MD

Fairfield, CT

Before the 2014 Vision Source Exchange meeting, my partner and I placed a job ad for a front desk/billing position on another website. After sifting through countless generic resumes, several people were brought in for interviews, but no qualified candidates were chosen.  

Because we were unsuccessful in filling our position, we stopped at the Local Eye Site booth at the Vision Source Exchange and purchased an ad with them.  It was a very user friendly experience, took very little time, and Local Eye Site produced several qualified applicants.  We hired one of them shortly after.  We plan to use Local Eye Site again for future hiring needs.

Dr. Mark Wahlmeier

Vision Source of Colby - Colby, KS

I was very impressed with Local Eye Site.  I received many resumes from qualified candidates.  Local Eye Site alerts you when you have a new resume to review.  The site is easy to use and you can easily go back to all resumes for review.  I will definitely use Local Eye Site for my all my hiring needs.

Dr. Erika Duggan

Envision Eyecare Henderson, Nevada

 "We posted an employment ad on Local Eye Site.  We received numerous qualified resumes; it was a good adjunct to our word of mouth search.  I would use Local Eye Site again for sure!" 

Brenda H. Lorenzo, Administrator

Atlanta Ophthalmology Associates
Thank you Local Eye Site for providing our office with so many well-qualified and experienced candidates for our office position in our Optometry practice. You walked us through the entire process and made it easy for us. Immediately, we had dozens of responses.  
We were able to review both cover letters and resumes and make contact with prospective candidates without delay. Overall, we received between 150-200 replies.
Thank you LES for the service you provide, the manner in which you do business, and the partnership we enjoyed with you to help us find the right person for our office.  We look forward to using your service in the future.

Dr. Charles Korth

Optometrist - Pasadena, CA

My results with Local Eye Site have been awesome. You are my "go to" for hiring reps.

Bruce Kaplan

Three Rivers Optical - Pennsylvania

We have been so pleased with Local Eye Site that we have pretty much stopped using the other services that we used in the past and are making Local Eye Site our vendor of choice for listings.

Howard Arden

Marietta Eye Clinic - Georgia

We were in need for an experienced and confident certified technician.   Local Eye Site was able to get our request out to hundreds of qualified candidates with a blast email with our job posting.  This was indeed a factor in hiring our new employee so quickly. 

Mary-Beth Hall

OPTX - Johnston, RI

I found my dream job on Local Eye Site. The website was easy to navigate & very user-friendly. I appreciate the email updates for new job postings. If it weren't for the Connect2Hire emails, I probably would have missed the opportunity to finally reach my goal to break into eyewear sales. Thanks Local Eye Site!

Kristin Woodard

Account Executive - Silhouette Optical Ltd.

With an an immediate need to hire an ophthalmic tech we went to the source to find qualified candidates.  It makes the hiring process that much more efficient when you find candidates with the right qualifications and experience. 

Hugh Johnston

Fischer Eye Care - Wellesley, MA

We posted our job listing and received 10 resumes within one week.  We interviewed the candidates the following week and one month later we have a new, qualified ophthalmic technician.  It was a very simple, efficient process.  Thanks!

Jonathan Wesson

Ophthalmology Associates of Glen Cove - Glen Cove, NY

LES was a great way for me to apply for jobs. I ended up with several jobs to choose from. I was offered 3 jobs and the job from LES ended up being the best one for me. I would highly recommend LES to anyone in the Ophthalmology field.

Brittany Hunter


Local Eye Site is a cost effective way to recruit eye care professionals. My practice used LES to recruit a Technician. We had multiple quality candidates to choose from, and ultimately hired one of the applicants…without the frustrations that often accompany the traditional recruiting methods.

Vincent Dahringer, MD

Carolina Cataract & Laser Center

My story began when I visited the LocalEyeSite.com booth at the International Vision Expo East. The friendly staff took the time to demonstrate how easy it was to use the website. I did a quick search and was surprised to see a job opening in my hometown in Florida. From there, I connected with the recruiter, Denise, for National Vision, Inc. Unfortunately, the licensing process in Florida is lengthy and the position had to be filled right away, but she kept me informed and currently I’m set to work upon licensing! I encourage everyone to check LocalEyeSite.com for up-to-date job postings!

Dr. Tyrone F.

Optometrist - Largo, FL

Local Eye Site had proven to be a great resource to Raleigh Neurology Associates. After several weeks of advertising through other local outlets with no success, we were most grateful to learn about LES. For a minimal monthly fee we were able to offer employment immediately to a well-qualified candidate meeting our job requirements for a neuro-ophthalmology technician position. The employee we hired has joined us from out of state and without LES we may never have been able to interview her. Thank you LES for going above and beyond to help Raleigh Neurology in assisting us to find our newest employee to join our team, we are very pleased!

Sky Gunderson

Raleigh Neurology Associates

We were using newspaper and online advertising and had been very frustrated at the lack of qualified technicians needed to fill the vacant positions in our office. At first, we were hesitant to use Local Eye Site because we had never heard of them, but we decided to give them a try anyway. We ran an ad on Local Eye Site for one month and I am happy to report that we hired a very well trained, certified technician who has been a real asset to our practice. It is a rather unusual story; this technician was working in a practice where our retinal surgeon also works. We were not aware that she was looking for a more challenging position until she contacted us through our posting on Local Eye Site. She was right in our own backyard and Local Eye Site brought us together for a successful hire.

Eileen Beltramba, RN

Eye Institute of Essex - Belleville, NJ

Well, I had lost my previous job and was in desperate need, so I started my job search. I didn’t have Internet access at home, but the library wasn’t far away, so off I went! I searched for what seemed like hours when I came across localeyesite.com. Suddenly, there it was – the job of my dreams! I submitted my application, uploaded my Résumé, and pressed send. Exactly 4 months later to the day, here I am, in Ophthalmology and happy!

Amber L.

Ophthalmic Assistant - Winston-Salem, NC

Local Eye Site provided me a manageable number of qualified candidates, and we actually hired two individuals from the program!

Lisa Forward

Forward Eyewear - Harrisonburg, VA

We have been extremely pleased with everything Local Eye Site has done in streamlining our search for hiring qualified candidates. The LES team is not only helpful, but they go above and beyond to make sure everything is in place to reach the most suitable applicants. We do not use the newspaper anymore for job openings since Local Eye Site provides a more extensive reach and is much more cost effective. This should be the only source needed for any ophthalmic job openings!

Tracey Glendenning, OD

Doctors Vision Center - Wilmington, NC

Our experience was quite remarkable in making our new hires for knowledgeable people in the optical industry. I would definitely use Local Eye Site again for future inquires.

Geno Saunders

Senses Vision/Mustang Eyewear - Miami, FL

Local Eye Site gave me a big leg-up into the field of Ophthalmology. In short, LES is a like the Google of Ophthalmology Jobs online.

Devendra S.

Ophthalmic Technician/Photographer - Houston, TX

Working with Local Eye Site to fill our clients staffing needs was a breeze. They made finding quality staff quick and easy. It is a great resource that any ophthalmic practice should rely on. We will utilize them anytime we have staffing needs for our clients.

Laura Jackson

Founder & Consultant - Aesthetics 360

My Practice recently added Ophthalmology as our newest specialty and after advertising locally without results I turned to ASORN and Local Eye Site (LES) for assistance with finding a Nursing Supervisor. Within two days I had applicants to contact and have recently hired a Supervisor. The staff were especially helpful in navigating the website and I would definitely recommend LES to anyone advertising for Ophthalmology staff and will use them again when the need arises.

Leslie Ritter, DON

Crystal Run Healthcare, Middletown, New York

We have received more than an adequate number of qualified résumés. Your services work great, and we will definitely use them again in the future.

Audrey Pavia

VP of Marketing, Tura Eyewear - Great Neck, NY

I am very pleased with the service provided by Local Eye Site. I have hired a third technician and she is wonderful. I now have three technicians on staff, and if I need your service again, I will advertise without any hesitation. I would recommend Local Eye Site to my colleagues.

Roger M. Kaldawy, M.D.

Milford-Franklin Eye Center - Franklin, MA

Local Eye Site has been a good resource for our practice. We purchased a subscription plan for our practice and initially used the site to recruit a Technician. What we found was that we quickly received multiple applicants on our Local Eye Site dashboard, all qualified. We chose the best fit for our practice and hired her. Simple.

James A. Bryan, III, MD

Carolina Ophthalmology

Being in a specialized field, finding experienced help can be a challenge. LocalEyeSite.com has been instrumental to us for finding people with the adequate credentials, experience, and personality. We use them for all our open positions, at every level.

Richard Jennings

Chief Financial Officer, Dello Russo Laser Vision - New York & New Jersey

The site is a success. Our management team really likes Local Eye Site, and it has been a valuable resource as we grow and hire!

Geraldine Bongarzone

HR Manager, Cohens Fashion Optical - New York, NY

We have been a customer of Local Eye Site for just over two months now and we have already hired a candidate. We have used LES to streamline our recruiting process, and it has worked. LES has certainly made my job a whole lot easier.

Maureen Prior

COT, Clinic Manager, Cape Fear Eye Associates - Fayetteville, NC

For a minimal annual fee, I have access to the people and issues that matter most to our facility. It has been a valuable investment for everyone involved. We have already filled six positions in less than eight months using Local Eye Site.

Genie A. (LaFranchise) Greene

Financial Analyst/Certified Ophthalmic Technician - Wake Forest University Ophthalmology Department

I had become bored and unchallenged in the clinical setting. I was a daily ‘checker’ of Local Eye Site, but even the task of job hunting had become mundane. After a while, I saw a promising post on LES for a few days but the constant daily searching had broken my confidence and I didn’t apply. One Friday afternoon, I had enough! I rushed home, crossed my fingers, and applied. One week later, I found myself in NJ for an interview! The job was mine! Thank you LES!!! I have my passion for eyeballs back and I LOVE my job!!!

Kathryn C.

Clinical Application Specialist - Southeastern US

We have been very pleased with the response from Local Eye Site. We hired an angiographer/photographer and two ophthalmic technicians. I would recommend Local Eye Site for organizations that need to hire ophthalmic staff anywhere.

Dr. Charles Eifrig

Retina Associates of Orange County - Laguna Hills, CA

I am so pleased with Local Eye Site. It’s so easy to use - crisp, clean, professional, and simple for both job seekers and employers.

Janet Vest

Organizational Effectiveness Administrator - LCA Vision Inc. / LasikPlus

We found a well-qualified QA Clinical Analyst candidate through Local Eye Site who will be starting with us in two weeks. If we have another challenging position to fill, we will certainly consider using Local Eye Site again.

Jolson Pham

Human Resources Department - Alcon Labs - Irvine, CA

I hired two technicians through Local Eye Site – it really works! Nice job!

Gary Hardey

CEO, Brevard Eye Center - Melbourne, FL

Local Eye Site has been a great resource for our practice. I actually found my job here at Chester County Eye Care through Local Eye Site and now use it to recruit!

Meredith Walraven

Associate Practice Administrator, Chester County Eye Care - West Chester, PA

Local Eye Site has become our single recruiting source. We are always looking for the most skilled ophthalmic technicians, and have recently been able to hire skilled, certified technicians from all over the country through Local Eye Site.

Evelyn M. Kelly

Duke University Eye Center - Durham, NC

I hired two individuals from Local Eye Site. We will continue to use you in our recruiting efforts. Thanks for all your help!

Tonia Henshaw

Arbor Eye Care - Homewood, IL

We have hired five technicians, one biller, and one front desk associate through Local Eye Site. Definitely a great value!

Tom Burke

Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island - Westbury, NY

I was hired for the best company I have worked for yet! It is a huge company but I work in a smaller branch where I see contact lens patients, perform imaging tests and help out with the doctors’ workups. I love this office and couldn’t be happier with my coworkers! Thank you LES!

Esul S.

Contact Lens Technician - Charlotte, NC

I have been responsible for hiring of all the staff for our ophthalmology practice for 15 years. In the past when we needed technical personnel, we advertised in local newspapers and sometimes in Ophthalmology publications. Most of the responses I received were people with little or no experience. I received some information on the Local Eye Site website, looked over the classified offerings and was very impressed with the presentation and ease of use. We decided to try advertising for a COA and COT position that became available. I had 6 responses of qualified personnel that responded in less than a week’s time! All of the candidates emailed me, and I was also able to review their information in my web account. The ad found the target group that I needed to reach much more effectively than any other venue I had previously used! It was also easy to navigate the website, and questions that I needed answered were addressed quickly by the staff. Thank you for maintaining such a quality resource for Ophthalmology!

Janet Temas

Temas Eye - Winston-Salem, NC

Working with the Local Eye Site team has been effective for me. Through my LES connection, I was able to add a part time Optometrist to my practice. LES is truly a great place to hire eye care professionals!

Richard Langellotti, OD

Clayton, NC

Since using Local Eye Site, we have been so impressed with their dedication to providing a professional and informative site to meet the hiring needs of eye care organizations. Within just hours of posting a new opening, we were thrilled to locate a possible candidate. To be honest, we didn’t receive the volume of résumés we normally get with sites like CareerBuilder, but the quality of candidates far exceeds what which I have come to expect on those other sites. Thanks Local Eye Site! We look forward to a long relationship with LES.

Tara McAlister

Staff Development Manager, Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, PA

When we decided to hire an optometrist to join our ophthalmology practice, we advertised in a journal and on various online sites. Through LocalEyeSite.com we quickly received an application from a candidate, who we subsequently hired. Our success in finding an optometrist to join our practice through LocalEyeSite.com was at a fraction of the cost of many other recruiting methods. The Local Eye Site team was a pleasure to deal with and the site was very easy to use. We highly recommend LocalEyeSite.com.

Marc Ellman, M.D.

Southwest Eye Institute - El Paso, TX

We hired two technicians that came to us through Local Eye Site. They were quality candidates and we will use your site in the future when the need arises.

Autumn Arvidson

Eye Care Associates, PA - Minneapolis, MN

We use Local Eye Site to hire Sales Representatives and have experienced great success. We can effectively staff our entire sales team through a single source with LES.

Dawn Grambone

Human Resources, Liberty Sport / Switch Vision - Fairfield, NJ

I had moved out to New Mexico, but wanted to come back to the Midwest. I stumbled upon Local Eye Site and found there was an opening at a clinic I had wanted to work at since I graduated from Tech school 15 years earlier. I applied, and they hired me and back I came. THANKS LOCAL EYE SITE!

Angela Y.

COMT - Stillwater, MN

We had a critical staff position to fill, so we tried Local Eye Site (LES). LES quickly helped us reach a significant number of qualified candidates, and within two weeks the position was filled. We will continue to use the site for all of our staffing needs. We all know how difficult it is to find strong staff members, but Local Eye Site efficiently helps us hire qualified staff, so that we can focus on providing great care for our patients.

Dr. Lori Travers, M.D.

Travers Lasik - Raleigh, NC

I have enjoyed utilizing your site for our job postings. We’ve definitely received some quality candidates from our partnership with LES, and at least one hire (possibly two), which is worth the money we’ve spent so far.

Stephen Wallis

HR Director, Katzen Eye Group - Lutherville, MD

We are in our third year with Local Eye Site and we are very pleased that we have hired an MD and a Billing Supervisor as a result of this relationship. We look forward to learning of other outstanding candidates through LES.

Linda Austin, P.H.R.

Human Resource Manager, St. Luke's Cataract and Laser Institute - Tarpon Springs, FL

One of the most frustrating parts of my job is finding qualified candidates to hire. Despite the fact that our ads usually include a pretty in-depth job description, posting on general sites would usually bring me résumés spanning from no experience at all to PhDs. If I were lucky, there would be a few somewhere in between to bring in for interviews. When we tried Local Eye Site, I was amazed at the time that was saved by really only getting résumés from qualified people by using a site that captures your true target audience.

Tiffanie Wings

Human Resources Recruiter, TLC Vision - Chesterfield, MO

Local Eye Site has proven to be a valuable resource for us. This is our third year in a row working with LES to hire Optical Sales Consultants nationwide. Thank you Local Eye Site!

Larry Forth

National Sales Manager, A&A Optical Company - Carrollton, TX

I cannot say enough to thank Local Eye Site. I had never heard of the site before a friend told me about it. We had been looking to hire an employee for a few months with almost no luck in finding any candidates that seemed suitable enough to even interview. Within one week of putting our ad on your website, we heard from a candidate, brought him in for an interview, and have since then hired him! We will definitely use your website again when we are needing new employees. The expense is definitely worth it!

Dr. Sheri Hibbett

Bieter Eye Center - Cottage Grove, MN