Refund Policy

Local Eye Site (LES, offers an online, recurring-fee based recruitment advertising service for the eye care industry. LES service is delivered via online job postings that are purchased in monthly increments by LES customers. Local Eye Site's commitment is to display purchased job-postings on, as well as distribution and/or promotion of all LES customer' job-postings across the "LES Power Network" as described on our website, Local Eye Site also provides access to our "Connect2Hire" technology for email blasts to the LES job-seeker database.

If LES does not fulfill its commitment to properly display customer job-postings on, and/or properly promote by the LES Power Network, or if the "Connect2Hire" email blast technology is not delivered as promised on, then LES will deliver a full refund of any fees associated with that period and purchased job-posting. The refund will be delivered to the LES customer within 30 days of the date that LES receives notice of its failure to fulfill its commitment described above.

Job-Posting Renewals

Local Eye Site job-postings are purchased and delivered in monthly increments. At the time of purchase, LES customers are notified that the job-posting fee will automatically recur according to the purchased plan term (so that the job-posting may remain on the website, and the LES Power Network). The LES job-posting fee will recur on every "anniversary" date according to the plan parameters, unless the LES auto-renewal feature is turned off. The auto-renewal feature may be turned off at any time at LES customer discretion from "Account Settings" on the customer's online dashboard. If the auto-renewal feature is turned off, the job-posting will be removed from, and the LES Power Network after the expiration of the original purchased plan term.

If the auto-renewal feature is not turned off, then at every "anniversary" date the LES customer will be notified via email that their subscription has been renewed for an additional term. Again, this recurring fee may be terminated at any time by the LES customer via the "Account Settings" link on the LES customer dashboard, or by emailing Local Eye Site at

If after a subscription is renewed and the fee is charged on the "anniversary"  date, the LES customer decides that they no longer want to maintain their subscription, LES must be notified within 2 business days of their "anniversary" date that the customer would no longer like to maintain their subscription, and they would like for their posting to be removed from and the LES Power Network immediately. If LES receives this notification within 2 business days of the anniversary, then LES will provide a full refund of the fee for that period that will be refunded within 30 days.

Local Eye Site makes no representations or guarantees of effectiveness, candidate response or ability to hire as a result of the LES/Power Network job-posting, as many factors impact candidate response and LES customer's ability to recruit effectively.

Discounts and Special Offers

Any job posting subscription packages purchased on a discount by use of a coupon code, or through any other promotional offer in which a monetary value is subtracted from the regular price, may not renew at the discounted price unless otherwise explicitly specified. This excludes special pricing set aside for network partner affiliations, membership discounts, and any other special subscription pricing established on an individual basis.