Recognize Your Amazing Eye Team #HiredByLES

For nearly a decade, Local Eye Site has been the leader in assisting eye care practices during their hiring process. We provide our customers with the resources to help them select new employees from a talented pool of applicants while saving time and money.

Today, we are so excited to introduce a new online campaign that allows you to recognize the eye care professionals at your practice who were hired from our website. The campaign is called #HiredByLES and will serve as a cross-promotional effort between your practice and our job board.

How It Works

  1. Take a great team photo! In front of your sign or logo is best for the most exposure. We want to see who you are!
  2. Attach the photo to a Tweet from your practice’s Twitter page, or an update from your Facebook Page. Don’t have one? It’s a great way to help create an employer brand
  3. VERY IMPORTANT: Use the hashtag #HiredByLES. This will be how we find you and re-share.

The Benefits

Once you upload a picture of your employees with our hashtag, we will retweet or share it on our social media platforms. Local Eye Site has over 10,000 followers online which will give your practice extensive online exposure!

This is a fun, easy, way to recognize your eye care team today and promote your business to the online eye care community! Also, we get to see who you are and we CAN’T WAIT.

Use #HiredByLES today: Twitter Facebook

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