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Posted: June 11, 2018



A registered professional nurse administers therapeutic independent nursing care.  He/she coordinates the activities in the operating room to ensure safe quality patient care; directs and controls equipment and supplies; participates in staff development and educational programs; completes records and reports; appraises and assists in revising nursing service surgical procedures and standards; assists in research projects.  He/she performs the duties of the circulating or scrub nurse. His/her duties involve supervision of the non-professional coworkers or new personnel. His/her judgment is based upon and regulated by his/her professional training and the established policies and procedures of the Center.



Responsible to nurse manager

Supervises LPN's or technicians,  CNA's, sterile processing technicians and other ancillary personnel

Must maintain effective working relationships with patients, families, coworkers, physicians and all other department personnel.


Must be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing

Post-graduate training in operating room techniques desirable

Current licensure with the Florida State Board of Nursing

Current BCL certification



Required to be able to withstand long and strenuous periods of work which include extensive walking and standing and varied body motions.

Physical work not to exceed fifty (50) pounds without assistance.


Accomplishes pre-operative assessment of the patient prior to surgery.

Criteria for Evaluation

Always introduces self to patient.

Identifies patient by checking ID band and by verbal validation .

Verbally validates procedure with patient and checks surgical consent for accuracy.

Verbally validates that patient has been seen by the anesthesiologist.

Uses patient assessment data to record pertinent information accurately and completely.

Reviews patient chart and patient pre-operative assessment form. Verifies that surgeons and anesthesiologists orders have been carried out with the results on the chart. Notifies physician of abnormal results.

Verbally validates that patient has been identified by surgeon. Checks for necessary lab tests, i.e., preg., hgb., etc. Checks for completed history - physical.



Plans and prepares for intra-operative nursing care of patient.


Criteria for Evaluation

Collects sterile supplies, equipment, and medications for the intra-operative phase of patient care.

Verifies sterility of sterile items before placing on sterile field.

Verifies proper functioning equipment to appropriate personnel and removes it from area.

Utilizes surgeon's preference cards and makes appropriate changes to ensure that the information is correct.

Collects and obtains special equipment as indicated to specific patient needs.

Assures that room and equipment are clean prior to opening sterile supplies.

Restocks room at the end of the day.

Notifies nurse manager of surgeon's request or complaints.

Communicates with other staff members regarding changes in instrument trays, supplies, and physician preferences .

Utilizes peers as necessary to aid in solving problems .

Determines appropriate priorities for activities.

Anticipates the needs of the surgeon and anesthetist.


Implements patient care in the operating room.

Criteria for Evaluation

Assists in transporting patient to operating room.

Assures safety in transferring patient on and off OR table


Assists anesthetist as necessary.

Assures safe positioning of patient for maximum exposure of operative site.

Assures with appropriate interventions that patient is kept warm.

Continuously monitors patient and sterile and take appropriate action if a problem occurs.

Provides additional supplies for use by the operative team as necessary.

Documents intra-operative nursing care. Writes incident reports appropriately.

Assists in quality improvement and BDP monitoring.

Assures that sponge, sharp, and instrument counts as necessary is accurate and documented .

Accompanies patient to PACU and releases to qualified nurse.

Reports to PACU nurse the patient's condition, history, and operative procedure, etc.

Functions in scrub role as necessary.

Keeps calm and functions well in emergencies.

Maintains awareness of OSHA standards, MSDS and Fire/Disaster plans.

Monitors traffic flow through use of proper areas and corridors.



Maintains a high degree of efficiency in the use and management of supplies, instruments and equipment for surgery.


Criteria for Evaluation

Has functional knowledge on:

The maintenance and use of all air equipment.

Care, operating, maintenance and use of all operative microscopes .

Care, operation, maintenance and use of lasers.

Operation and maintenance of orthopedic equipment.

Care, operation of all video equipment.

Care, operation of gynecological equipment.

Care, operation of ophthalmic equipment


Utilizes interpersonal skills in an effective manner.

Criteria for Evaluation

Serves as role model and resource person for peers and coworkers.

Functions in role of team member.

Maintains good relationships and communicates well with patients, families, staff, and physicians.

Communicates with and provides assistance for surgeons and personnel in a kind and courteous manner.

Follows chain of command regarding intra/inter departmental problems.

Shares knowledge with coworkers through open communication and continuous upgrading of skills.


Demonstrates dependability and accountability.

Criteria for Evaluation

Reports to work as scheduled with minimal absenteeism. 2.    Provides timely notification of illness/absence.

Accurately records daily arrival and departure through use of time clock.

Willingly accepts assignments and floats to other areas as needed.

Requests vacation and other time off according to Center policy.



Maintains professional growth.

Criteria for Evaluation

Attends required in-services annually as well as programs to enhance clinical skills.

Maintains current knowledge of advances in surgery, anesthesia and the peri-operative field of nursing.

Maintains current knowledge of medical/legal trends in operating room.

Evaluates suggestions objectively, accepts constructive criticism and seeks guidance as needed.


Gorovoy M.D. Eye Specialists

Gorovoy M.D. Eye Specialists

Fort Myers, FL

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