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Posted: June 11, 2018



The RN PACU/Pre-op admission plans and delivers safe, comprehensive and compassionate nursing care for the ambulatory surgery patient immediately prior to and following surgery and/or anesthesia. He/she is also responsible for the thorough preparation of the patient/family for discharge to the home environment.


Responsible to the nurse manager.

Supervises LPNs, CNAs and ancillary personnel working in the area.

Must maintain effective working relationships with patients, families, co-workers, physicians and all other department personnel.


Must be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing.

Current licensure with Florida State Board of Nursing.

Current BLS, ACLS and PALS certifications

Two years of nursing experience with minimum one year experience in hospital ICU or PACU or outpatient recovery room.


Required to be able to withstand long and strenuous periods of work which include extensive walking, standing and varied body motions.

Physical work not to exceed fifty (50) pounds without assistance.


Initiates physical and psychological patient assessment and initiates pre-operative patient care plan.

Criteria for Evaluation

Utilizes appropriate body mechanics in moving patients and stretchers to prevent injury to patients and self.

Determines appropriate priorities for activities based on work demand.

Maintains adequate supplies for area to function smoothly.

Reviews schedule daily and obtain physicians' orders for the following day as necessary.

Maintains clean and neat patient care and work area.


Accomplishes complete patient assessment and evaluation of each patient prior to surgery or treatment.

Criteria for Evaluation

Identifies patient armband and greets patient and family.

Checks and assures that physicians' pre-operative orders are complete.

Verifies surgical site verbally with patient.

Assesses patient's understanding of procedure and checks surgical consent for accuracy and completeness .

Obtains signature on surgical consent when appropriate .

Obtains history and performs physical and psychological assessment of the patient, identifying physical and emotional status.

Obtains vital signs when necessary .

Initiates intravenous therapy as indicated, utilizing aseptic technique with appropriate IV catheter and fluid.

Administers pre-operative medications as prescribed and monitors patient appropriately until transferred to OR.

Documents assessment and nursing care on appropriate records.

Reports test abnormalities and any other pertinent information to surgeon, anesthesiologist, operating room staff and other pre-operative area staff as necessary.

Assesses patient's level of fear/anxiety and provides comfort and support for patient and family.

Maintains patient's privacy, comfort, and safety in the holding area, i.e., bed rails up, brakes on stretchers, etc.


Plans and prepares for the post-operative care of the outpatient.

Criteria for Evaluation

Checks crash cart for preparedness.

Checks work area for adequate stock supplies.

Prepares work station and checks oxygen and suction equipment.

Determines appropriate priorities for activities.

Maintains adequate inventory of supplies and equipment in a cost effective manner.

Makes recommendations to nurse manager regarding equipment needs and purchases.



Implements care of the patient/family in PACU.

Criteria for Evaluation

Assesses patient for patency of airway and continually monitors adequacy of ventilation and provides airway support as needed.

Reports patient's condition and vital signs to anesthesiologist immediately and as necessary in the post-operative period.

Performs head to toe assessment of patient and evaluates patient by Aldrete Scoring System.

Checks dressing and/or operative site and reports abnormalities to surgeon.

Provides a safe, warm, caring environment for patient and family while restraining patient for safety reasons as needed.

Understands usual PACU drugs thoroughly and recognizes need for reversal drugs.

Administers medications as needed. Achieves safe and optimum level of analgesia and relief from nausea/vomiting .

Recognizes emergency situations and responds effectively in a calm, controlled manner.

Assures that all patients meet all discharge criteria and that patient and family are given written discharge instructions and understands them.

Provides appropriate information to nursing personnel regarding patient status when transferring patients from PACU to other patient care areas.

Assists in transporting patients from the PACU to designated patient care areas using appropriate monitoring devices as necessary.

Assists physicians with scheduled treatments as requested.

Always thoroughly documents all of the above on patient's records.



Utilizes interpersonal skills in an effective manner.

Criteria for Evaluation

Serves as role model and resource person for peers and co-workers.

Functions in role of team member and team leader when necessary.

Maintains good relationships and communicates well with patients, families, staff, and physicians in a professional manner.

Communicates with and provides assistance for other personnel in a kind and courteous manner.

Follows chain of command regarding intra/ interdepartmental problems.

Shares knowledge with co-workers through open communication and continuous upgrading of skills.


Demonstrates dependability and accountability.

Criteria for Evaluation

Reports to work as scheduled, on time, with minimal absences.

Accurately records daily arrival and departure through use of time clock.

Notifies department in advance of tardiness or absence.

Willingly accepts assignments and floats to other areas as needed and performs effectively on a daily basis.

Requests vacation and other time off according to Center policy.



Maintains professional growth.

Criteria for Evaluation

Attends required in-services annually as well as programs to enhance clinical skills.

Maintains current knowledge of advances in surgery, anesthesia and the perioperative field of nursing.

Maintains current knowledge of medico-legal trends in surgery and PACU.

Evaluates suggestions objectively, accepts constructive criticism, and seeks guidance as needed.


Gorovoy M.D. Eye Specialists

Gorovoy M.D. Eye Specialists

Fort Myers, FL

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