Patient Service Representative

Duke Eye Center - Winston-Salem, NC
Posted: July 14, 2020


General Description of the Job Class

Coordinate and participate in a variety of duties associated with daily clinic preparation process, patient identification, patient check in/out, charge posting, cash management and patient appointment scheduling. Position also involves customer service, message distribution, ancillary scheduling and preparation and referrals management.

Duties and Responsibilities of this Level

Prepare for clinic visits by reviewing next day patients and completing next day preparation activities.  Prepare new patient charts/paperwork. Prepare office charts and obtain medical records.  Responsible for petty cash and collections bag. File and/or electronically index referral notes, history sheets, ancillary reports and all other required patient record documentation.  Attach HIPPA/Medicare documents to the encounter forms.

Check-in patients upon arrival in the practice. Identify correct patient information in Maestro Care. Verify patient demographic data. Edit Maestro Care as needed. Accurately identify the appropriate account for patient visit. Present and educate patients on required forms and obtain signature as required by policy and procedure. Completes all Maestro Care check-in files and manage all appropriate alerts. Collect and post co-payments and balances on accounts due. Imprint all patient specific chart documents and requisition/transmittal documents. Obtain and enter insurance coverage as indicated by procedure.  Coordinate all labs/procedures as requested.

Schedule tests and procedures. Complete and distribute ancillary service requisitions.

Explain billing to patients according to PRMO credit and collection policies. Determine the amount of cash to be collected based on insurance plan.

Check-out patients. Make return appointments by scheduling patients into the correct appointment type, entering the primary care physician or referring physician and scheduling tests and procedures.

Answer telephone, take and deliver messages to physicians, nurses and others. Report obtained medical information from patients and referring physicians accurately, completely and timely. Disseminate messages according to practice communication standards

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