Wilmer Eye Institute - Baltimore, MD
Posted: December 21, 2018

We are seeking an enthusiastic optometrist to join us in our residency clinic to perform medical exams with a strong focus on pathology and medical testing.  No routine vision or contact lens exams.  Candidate must possess current medical knowledge of testing and treatment for eye injuries and diseases as we see a high level of unusual pathology.

Candidate will be on a clinical track (non-research/academic).  Selected candidate will collaborate with residents, attendings and clinic management to develop best practices associated with specific disease states and expand approached to patient care.

Candidate must also effectively serve same day/urgent add-ons to help with tremendous patient demand.  Candidate must have the ability to demonstrate excellent communication, interpersonal and collaborative skills, including identifying those patients that might enhance resident surgical education. Candidate will interact with Residents, Attending Physicians, Ophthalmic Technicians and participate in continuing education, development and meetings with clinic staff and trainees as appropriate.

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Wilmer Eye Institute

Wilmer Eye Institute

Baltimore, MD

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