Eye To Eye Careers - New York, NY
Posted: December 3, 2019

Part-time Optometrist needed 1-3 days a week for our Liberty NY location. We offer the latest equipment, a friendly staff, and bonuses that will knock your socks off! If you would like to hear more, please apply today!

Job Description:

Perform excellent comprehensive eye exams to ensure flawless accuracy in taking measurements and diagnosing ocular conditions. Visual field testing. Proscribe corrective lenses and explain eye health, eye-wear, and prescription terminology to patients. Demonstrate exceptional product knowledge and effectively communicate features and benefits to patients. Act as a representative for our brand and help educate and excite others to our vision service provider.


  • Part-time Optometrist


  • Paid Vacation/Holidays
  • Bonuses offered
  • Pay full transportation


  • $1200 per day
  • Get 50% from what the ins pays for each patient seen. First year is 40%

* You have any questions about this or any other opportunity? feel free to contact us @ 856-393-2393

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New grads Welcome!

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Eye To Eye Careers

Eye To Eye Careers

New York, NY

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