National Vision - Kernersville, NC
Posted: December 8, 2018

National Vision is seeking a terrific Optometrist in our location within a busy retail environment. We affiliate with OD's in these offices through a sublease agreement. These offices are mature, and have a solid patient base. You set your own fees, and collect your own fees.  

National Vision is looking for a dedicated Doctor of Optometry with strong diagnostic skills and a passion for delivering patient-centered primary eye care to partner with us in our location through a sublease agreement.

You will enjoy:

Collecting your own fees
A mature office with a solid patient base and trained optical staff
High-quality equipment provided
Little overhead and no up-front costs


Please contact me for more details. 

Britt Clark: britt.clark@pure-od.com or 678.595.4712

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National Vision

National Vision

Kernersville, NC

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