Emerging Vision - Vacaville, CA
Posted: October 16, 2020

VACAVILLE CA: turn-key opportunity with Zero Overhead/ Zero Expenses/ Zero Staff costs/ and high revenue exceeding $500 per day.

$500-$800/Day Easy Hours, Easy Work, High Revenue! Excellent optometric opportunities exist for both established and recently graduated optometrists.  We are a nationwide leading quality optometric company for over 100 years and continue to aggressively grow each year. We provide total eye care and vision services in a quality environment. Optometrists will have the unique opportunity to provide quality eye care to a growing patient base and be affiliated with a profitable organization at the same time.

We have a unique and immediate availability for an independent doctor looking to expand his/her income potential on a Part-Time (3 days /week) basis with ZERO  overhead, ZERO expenses, FREE STAFFING.  Currently revenue is based on cash and vision plans only.  There is tremendous potential by adding MEDICAL Plans at this office. Our Vacaville office is newly equipped, highly visible & profitable.  This is a great turn-key opportunity that offers the benefits of private practice without the large overheard costs.  This would be an excellent opportunity for either an established or recently graduated practitioner who wishes to explore new opportunities or supplement their income with GUARANTEED INCOME and ZERO OVERHEAD!

If you are interested in exploring such an exciting opportunity, please call our office at 800-332-6302 or email nick.shashati@emergingvision.com.  You may include your resume as well!

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Emerging Vision

Emerging Vision

Vacaville, CA

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