Opticare Vision Center - Fort Mitchell, KY
Posted: July 31, 2018

Opticare Vision Center is seeking a highly personable, well-rounded, optometrist to be the primary doctor in an established practice. 

The practice is a locally owned private optometric practice with 7 locations in the greater Cincinnati area. We are looking for an associate available for immediate part-time work in Fort Mitchell, KY, a busy suburb just a few miles south of Cincinnati.  

Our Northern Kentucky offices practice at the highest level of medical eye care available for the Kentucky optometric license. If interested, the candidate will have the opportunity to utilize expanded therapeutic procedures such as removal of minor lumps and bumps and surgical removal of chalazia. You will see a variety of patients from children to elderly adults along with a wide variety of conditions. 

There is ample opportunity to grow the practice and develop your expertise, be it pediatrics, contact lenses, or medical eye care. The position is for immediate part-time, but flexible hours. 


Opticare Vision Center

Opticare Vision Center

Fort Mitchell, KY

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