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Posted: August 1, 2020

Optometrist wanted to work full time ONLY with a buy-in, down payment contract to own in under four years. Six figure base salary plus commissions, bonuses and benefits for annual compensation between $131,800 to $146,200. Dr. Spex Vision Care is 100% owned by Dr. John Bardash, Optometrist. This is a modern and high-tech private practice located in Denver, Colorado. The practice was in built in 2013. Dr. Spex Vision Care is the creation of John Bardash, OD. The office has been designed to provide patients with the highest quality vision exams and optical customer service. Dr. Bardash appointed a team of experts to turn his vision into a reality. From graphic artist to architect, engineer to contractor, and interior designer to technology specialists, this beautiful private practice has been constructed with attention to detail to optimize both patient and customer satisfaction. The floor plan has been designed with the intention to maximize exam efficiency and enhance a pleasant customer experience. The optical department consists of custom-made frame displays and dispensing tables. An on-site optical lab provides customer convenience in order to make prescription eyewear in a precise and timely manner. The appearance and feel of this beautiful, modern office is sleek and stylish. Our obliging staff are friendly and professional. 

The practice has the best instruments and equipment that money can buy. The Optometric Technicians take patient history, chief complaint and perform all pre-testing before the doctor examines the patient. They also perform special testing for medical exams as directed by the Optometrists. The practice has Crystal Practice Management EMR. We have Topcon CV-5000S Auto Phoropters in two of the three exam rooms connected to the Topcon KR-8000PA Auto Refractor/Keratometer/Topographer and Topcon CL-300 Auto Lensmeter in the Pre-Testing room. We have the Optos Daytona, Matrix 800, QuantifEye and i-Care tonometer in Pre-Testing. The Special Testing room includes Humphrey 750i Visual Field Perimeter, Zeiss Cirrus 500 OCT and Accutome Pachpen. All three exam lanes are fully equipped for the doctors to do both visual and medical exams. The practice occupies a spacious 3,000 square feet and it is beautiful. We have some of the highest rated reviews on both Google and Yelp. Now we want another 5-star doctor!

Dr. Spex Vision Care provides “Excellent Exams by Doctors Who Care.”

The most important qualities a doctor must have are compassion for patients, exceptional clinical skills and excellent customer service. Dr. Bardash will only hire a business minded OD who wants to own this practice in under four years. To be considered for this opportunity of a life time you must have the Three B’s: Brains, Brass & Balls! Brains (business smarts) Brass (money for the down payment, invested into the buy-in fund from your pay checks) Balls (courage to commit to ownership). To receive a salaried based work agreement with bonuses and benefits you have to sign a buy-in contract. That contract specifies the practice valuation which will be locked in at current market value. Twenty percent (20%) is the goal. When you achieve the goal, you will be vested for twenty percent down payment. Your investment will come from your bimonthly paychecks over time. Plus Dr. Bardash will make owner contributions to the acquisition fund as you reach financial bench marks. When the buy-in, down payment goal is reached the practice will be appraised for the final buy/sell agreement. You will be vested at 20% at today’s market value and have secured 20% toward ownership of the increased practice value. This is a fantastic deal. If you don’t get that than don’t apply. If you do understand this is an opportunity of a life time then send your resume and cover letter.

Applicant Requirements:

Doctorate of Optometry degree (OD) and Active Colorado Optometry License (Preferred now but will wait for the right OD to apply to the State Optometry Board) and Current Professional Liability Insurance


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Dr. Spex Vision Care

Dr. Spex Vision Care

Denver, CO

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