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Posted: February 15, 2020

We are a private optometric practice looking to hire a full time Vision Therapy Optometrist in New Braunfels, TX.

Our practice is a beautiful, brand new office that opened October 2018. We offer all of the newest equipment and technology when performing your exams. The practice has already has made its impression on the community as the leading pediatric specialist in the area. While we of course have a strong focus on family eye care, we are an official TSO Kids location with a full vision therapy clinic in the same building. Therefore we are looking for a Vision Therapy OD to continue the success of care we are providing to our young patients!

We are a very tight knit office that has had the same staff since we've opened. This is unique as it has given each person a feeling of pride as they've all had an impact on our growth and success. Because of the nature of our care and the impact we have on children and young adults through vision therapy, we've created a culture where our team genuinely enjoys coming in to work. We are looking for an OD who will be able to embody this work culture and continue to add to the success of our team!

New Braunfels is a rapidly growing city while still promoting a local feel. Most residents of the area rarely see a need to travel outside of the city, but for those who are looking for a fun weekend out, we are right in between Austin and San Antonio. Whether you are looking to buy a house, rent an apartment, or find a condo on the river you will have plenty of options to fit your lifestyle.

Please submit your resume to learn more about the position or to be considered!

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