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Posted: January 17, 2020

North Carolina O.D. JOB - Mobil Optometrist Job Opportunity.

Full-time, PRN, and Part-time positions available in North Carolina-- This is an EMPLOYED Optometrist job Opportunity:

Day rates of $750 /DAY for part-time help.

Full-time salary of $150k to $175k for well-qualified candidates.

These are all areas where we need to hire talented Optometrists for great NC job opportunities.

UP TO $750 PER DAY FOR PRN OR PART-TIME WORK!!!  Up to $175k for Full-time permanent O.D. staff!

We're growing fast---- Why Not Grow With US!


We're looking for top quality OD matches and we will work with you to design a schedule that fits your life.

Vibrant, forward thinking organization is searching for a talented team-player Optometrist who genuinely cares about providing world-class care.  This is an incredible opportunity with a very progressive organization and a fantastic work culture.

You’ll join a provider-lead, rewarding company as an Optometrist.  You’ll be a member of a tightly integrated team of primary care, mental health and ancillary service providers who delivers care to patients in a variety of settings.   There is a BIG NEED for your smiling face, warm, caring approach and excellent skills.  Our organization has a holistic approach to patient care, and we have an integrated multi-specialty model of care comprised of physicians, optometrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical assistants and support staff.


Flexible Schedule with Complete Autonomy
State of the art equipment
Support team handling all consents, pre-authorizations, patient scheduling, billing, collections etc.
Exceptional Salary
A Full Suite of Benefits

To learn more, reach out to our physician recruiter, Mr. Drew Caldwell at OjO.  He may be reached by phone at 828.514.9419 or by email at drew@ojonline.net


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OjO Recruitment Ophthalmology jobs Online

OjO Recruitment Ophthalmology jobs Online

Charlotte, NC

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