LES Recruiting Services - Ketchikan, AK
Posted: March 17, 2019

Full-time Associate Optometrist is needed for a busy primary care eye clinic in beautiful Alaska. Ketchikan is the service hub for southern Southeast Alaska, and this practice is the only full time eye clinic in the community. 

We are looking for an associate comfortable with all aspects of primary care. TPA and DEA certification necessary. Prior clinical experience helpful, but new graduates are welcome. The Optometrist must be licensed to practice in Alaska. Passion and energy for eye care is a must.

Ketchikan is a community of approximately 8,000 people located at the extreme southern edge of the Alaska panhandle. It was the first incorporated community in Alaska and has a colorful history. It is a vibrant place that features a unique blend of Alaska history, culture, art, and commerce. It is a bustling, family friendly community in a unique outdoor environment. An excellent overview of Ketchikan can be found on Wikipedia.

Housing can be provided for candidates relocating to the area.

This is the perfect opportunity for an adventure seeker who loves the outdoors. Alaska is one of the most majestic states that will supply a never ending amount of beauty and new experiences waiting in your backyard!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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