Optometric Technician

4Sight iCare - Plainfield, IL
Posted: September 1, 2017

The optometric technician is like the eye doctor's nursing staff. This ideal candidate should possess the capacity for learning complex terminology and relay that information to patients in simple terms. Consistent presentation of the testing and the ability to go into depth when asked questions will require a great deal of training for those not yet in the optical industry. 

Current optometric technicians may need to learn the 4Sight iCare way of performing the pre-test evaluation and presentation of lens options. We are here to help you through that.

In addition to assisting with the initial pre-test, this skilled individual will also learn how to fit, adjust, and sell prescription glasses. The candidate will learn directly from shadowing the doctor and attending specialized training on glasses frames, lens designs, and lens features that help patients see their best when used as recommended.

We will train any candidate with the right attitude, but compensation will be commensurate with experience.

Please submit resume now, we are excited to add you to our team!

4Sight iCare

4Sight iCare

Plainfield, IL

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