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Posted: October 7, 2021

We are only interested in friendly, customer focused individuals who strive to provide the very best service possible and who love to work with the public on a daily basis.  In addition to staying positive and up beat the following tasks will be expected to be performed in an outstanding manner.

Optometric technicians will conduct pretest procedures on patients and perform simple tests that make eye appointments more efficient and productive by gathering necessary data before exams begin. They also help to maintain a smooth, steady flow of traffic, so patients don't have to spend long periods in waiting rooms and the optometrists can see more patients and maximize their time performing in-depth tests that require personal evaluation and medical expertise.  

Duties include:

Pretest Room Preparation and other

A vital optical pretest duty is ensuring that equipment and testing areas are clean and well sanitized.
As an optometric technician you must calibrate pretesting equipment and ensure that it's functioning properly, with no potential hazards for patients or staff.
You will also work closely with receptionists to minimize patient wait times and ensure that patients are seen according to their appointment times.
Making appointments and pulling insurances will be another duty.
Technicians greet patients and escort them to pretest rooms, especially when receptionists are busy making appointments or performing financial transactions.

Air Puff Tonometry

Pretest optometric technicians perform air puff tonometry tests. 

Autorefraction Tests

An important pretest responsibility is performing autorefractor tests. 

Automated Visual Field Screening

Technicians often conduct automated visual field screening tests.


Another pretest duty often performed by optometric technicians is autolensometry. You will conduct the test on the patient's current eyeglasses.

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