Ophthalmic Technician

The Eye Institute of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT
Posted: December 2, 2019

Job Description

General medical knowledge including understanding of basic anatomy and physiology, systemic disease, ocular disease, ocular emergencies.

Job Requirements

Two (2) years of ophthalmology experience

High School Diploma

Ability to legally work in the United States

Job Responsibilities

Obtain and record concisely an accurate patient history.

Chief complaint.
Past ocular history.
Family history.
Systemic illnesses.
Allergies and drug reactions.
Medical history summary – review and update.

Basic Skills and Lensometry

Measure visual acuity at distance and near utilizing appropriate test for age and education, and record accurately. Perform pinhole testing.
Instill drugs properly and understand the indication/contraindication for use in dilation and as corneal anesthetic.
Perform color vision testing.
Measure and record current lens power accurately with a lensometer.
Perform and record Amsler Grid and/or Schirmer Testing
Evaluate the pupil.
Estimate anterior chamber depth.
Perform tonometry.

Instrument Maintenance

Perform routine instrument maintenance on all ophthalmic equipment.
Stock examination rooms in assigned area and ensure that medication expiration dates are current.
Disinfect and maintain examination rooms.
Comply with EIU drop inventory guidelines.
Equipment calibration and log.

Other Job Requirements

Demonstrates quality patient service during interactions with patients, coworkers, and vendors

Exhibits a positive attitude and is flexible in accepting work assignments and priorities
Meets attendance and tardiness expectations
Is dependable; follows policies and procedures
Ability to sit for prolonged periods
Computer skills (EMR preferred)
Maintains professionalism in interactions with patients and coworkers
Performs quality work and consistently exhibits initiative
Adopts and displays EIU’s Mission, Vision and Values in word and deed.

Additional duties may include:

Perform basic slit lamp examination.
Perform corneal topography.
Measure axial length with optical biometry or A-Scan
Perform keratometry.
Perform refractometry.
Other skills/duties specific to sub-specialty area.
Act as physician scribe.

Job Type: Full-time


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The Eye Institute of Utah

The Eye Institute of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

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