Ophthalmic Technician

Pacific Eye Associates - San Francisco, CA
Posted: August 28, 2017

This is a specialized position in the office-- ideally seeking a technician or scribe who is interested in exemplary patient facing phone care and close relationships with our physicians. The official title of the position is "Triage Technician."

This individual is responsible for accurately answering or getting the answer to patient questions regarding ocular symptoms, follow-up instructions, and medication usage. They assist in solving medication access problems by completing pharmacy refills, and prior authorization requests for insurance companies. They assist the doctors by completing forms (disability, DMV, etc) before getting the doctors’ signatures. This person should be knowledgeable and organized, and have a friendly but firm phone manner and excellent critical thinking skills. Requires the ability to sit at a desk for long periods of time, type accurately, and ambulate to other parts of the clinic.



4 year degree desired.

Foreign language skill a plus but not required.

Ophthalmic experience highly desired, but can train the right person. Familiarity with medical terminology and charting also highly desired.



Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills, especially on the phone. Able to speak effectively with MDs, pharmacists, and the patients.

Able to multitask, switch tasks easily, and prioritize.

Punctual and available to work.

Detail oriented and organized.

Eager to learn, and realistic about one’s own level: If an answer isn’t known, must figure out who to approach and how and when to approach them, with the goal of gaining more knowledge

Much of the job can be completed at a desk. Some walking necessary.

Comfortable saying “no” and can do so with empathy and professionalism.



Correctly interpret clinical data to answer patient questions about diagnoses, follow up instructions, medication usage, and other questions as they arise. Goal is to function as an extension of the MD as much as possible so the MD can focus on seeing in-office patients.

Keep up with questions and other tasks such as pharmacy refills through all five channels: the phone, EHR messages, the office email for patients, the practice management portal, and faxes.

Use dedicated website for prior authorization claims, and follow up on their progress. If website not available for a given PA, find and complete such forms as the insurance companies require for PA claims.

Using EHR system, complete forms such as disability and DMV to be ready for MD signatures. Write excuse letters (and other notes) for MDs to sign.

Develop highly skilled level of familiarity with ocular symptoms and ophthalmic medications, so that urgent situations can be identified and dealt with.

Work closely with Communications Team to insure patients are scheduled, communicate with non-English speaking patients, and to offer assistance with interpreting referrals.

Pacific Eye Associates

Pacific Eye Associates

San Francisco, CA

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