Ophthalmic Technician

Alabama Ophthalmology Associates - Birmingham, AL
Posted: January 7, 2019

We are seeking a full-time Ophthalmic Technician for our busy sub-specialty practice. Work schedule is 40 hours per week, no weekends. Job responsibilities: patient work-up, assist in surgery, phone triage, special testing and instrument cleaning. Certification encouraged but not required. The candidate must have previous experience in an ophthalmology or optometry practice and be comfortable working in a fast-paced, team environment. 

We offer a competitive salary (based on certification, education and experience) and benefits package that includes:

  • Continuing education; 
  • 401K and cash balance plans;
  • Paid vacation and sick time;
  • Medical and dental insurance;
  • Paid holidays;


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Alabama Ophthalmology Associates

Alabama Ophthalmology Associates

Birmingham, AL

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