Ophthalmic Photographer

Practice Information Undisclosed Franklin, TN
Posted: February 24, 2020

A regional multi-specialty Ophthalmology practice is looking for an experienced Ophthalmic Photographer who can rotate between our locations in the Nashville metro area.  

Photographs medical phenomena of eye to document diseases, surgeries, treatments, and congenital problems, to aid in diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders. Focuses specialized microscope and cameras to take two-and three-dimensional photographs of external, anterior, and posterior segments of eye. Monitors patient’s gaze through lens of microscope and camera to ensure that patient complies with instructions to obtain desired results.

Performs fluorescent angiography, fundus photography, slit lamp and external photography, specular microscopy and videography to document ophthalmic conditions and abnormalities.

Performs other patient work up and testing procedures as needed to assit with patient volume.  

Assists physicians with recording patient encounter in electronic medical records.  

Assists physicians with in-office procedures. 

Desired candidates will have experience in Ophthalmology Photography and Ophthalmic/Retina Technician roles.  

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Practice Information Undisclosed

Practice Information Undisclosed

Franklin, TN

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