Ophthalmic Assistant

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Posted: June 10, 2019

Essential Functions:

To screen Patients and work with Physicians to facilitate eye exams.

          * Obtain patient histories according to department protocol.

          * Perform vision test.

          * Operate automated/manual Lensometer and check prescriptions.

          * Obtain vital signs according to protocol, and dependent upon licensure.

          * Instill dilation drops per department protocol.

          * Clean and set up rooms between patients.

          * Daily room cleaning and re-stocking room supplies and medications.

          * Maintain and clean instruments per protocol.

          * Clean and maintain equipment.

          * Perorm basic clinical eye testing

                  - Tonometry

                  - Keratometry

                  - Topography

                  - Color Vision testing

                  - Stereo Vision testing

          * Perform refraction - Manual

          * Perform advanced clinical testing depending upon experience.

                  - Pachymetry

                  - Visual Field testing

                  - Optical Coherence Tomography

                  - Fundus Photography

                  - IOL Master Biometry

          * Assist with procedures.

          * Maintain working knowledge of Ophthalmic procedural/diagnostic coding.

          * Maintain working knowledge of Ophthalmic anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, ocular motility, clinical optics, and contact lenses.

          *Other duties assigned.


Demonstrate Standards of Behavior and adhere to the Code of Conduct in all aspects of job performance at all times.




          * Ability to perform the essential skills listed under job function.

          * Familiar with baic ophthalmic pharmacology, anatomy, and pharmacology

          * Basic knowledge of ophthalmic procedural/diagnostic coding.

          * Ability to maintain patient confidentiality.

          * Ability to provide quality patient service.

          * Basic knowledge of medical terminology.

          * Ability to relate effectively with coworkers, physicians, and staff and to function as part of the team.

          * Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

          * Ability to focus amidst ongoing destructions and interruptions.

          * Ability to relate effectively to patients and general public.

          * Telephone etiquette

          * Skills in organization, timme management, and problem-solving.




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Eye Physicians Of Washington

Eye Physicians Of Washington

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