Ophthalmic Assistant

Kansas City Eye Clinic - Overland Park, KS
Posted: May 20, 2020

Comprehensive eye clinic seeks stable, assistant/technician with thorough experience working with ophthalmologists in a busy, high volume setting.

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Command of ophthalmic terminology and ocular anatomy required. Strong computer skills required. Experience with Electronic Medical Records preferred. Basic Work-up skills required: Visual Acuity, Goldmann tonometry, pupil assessment, EOM, Slit Lamp Operation, manual lensometry, etc. Humphrey VF, Manual Keratometry, OCT and Topography, Ophthalmic Scribing experience preferred. COA certification or equivalent experience preferred

PLEASE FOLLOW APPLICATION INSTRUCTION CLOSELY Closely: 1) Submit not only your resume, but ALSO a Cover Letter outlining specifically how your qualifications meet our needs, 2) Please state a range of the hourly pay rate that you are seeking, 3) Submit the names of 2-3 people who you will be using as references and explain how they have supervised your work (references will NOT be contacted until you are specifically asked your permission and you specifically give that permission).  Your information will remain confidential until you give permission to contact a reference. 

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Kansas City Eye Clinic

Kansas City Eye Clinic

Overland Park, KS

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