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National Vision, Inc -Select Walmart locations - Milledgeville, GA
Posted: September 23, 2020

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This is a diverse comprehensive primary eye care position, as we are affordable and accessible to all you will see patients with a wide variety of refractive needs and provide both anterior/posterior segment care and you are given the freedom to treat to your comfort level and refer patients out as you see fit.  Our offices have fully trained staff, including technicians, to assist you in delivering quality eye care.  The technicians will gather the patient’s health and ocular history, along with pretesting, including auto refraction and K’s, tonometry, visual fields, acuities, stereopsis, color vision, and binocularity.


The employment offering will provide you the ability to concentrate on patient care, we provide technicians to assist you in delivering quality eye care. We do all coding and billing, trial and contact lens ordering, training. and dispensing. 


Our Doctors enjoy:


•           Great Salaries, bonuses, and benefits, including paid time off at start.

•           Ability to Focus on Patient Care

•           Efficient Patient flow  

•           No billing, coding, booking or staff management

•           No worries about shrinking reimbursement rates


Employment positions afford you:


•           Guaranteed Salary

•           Annual salary increases

•           Paid Time Off yearly

•           6 paid holidays off

•           Benefits Package-retirement plan with company match program, medical/dental

•           22 hours COPE C.E. provided yearly

•           Monthly bonus program


This opportunity is within our location in the Walmart Vision Center practice.

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National Vision, Inc -Select Walmart locations

National Vision, Inc -Select Walmart locations

Milledgeville, GA

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