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Family Vision Center of Tacoma - Tacoma, WA
Posted: March 18, 2019

  We are a well-established high-volume clinic in the North End of Tacoma. We are seeking to hire a colleague with at least one year of experience who enjoys practicing full-scope optometry. Our patient days are mostly composed of primary care, but also usually diabetic eye care, glaucoma, surgical co-management, specialty contact lenses, treatment of dry eye—whatever a patient needs. We spend quality time with a patient and may use a high-resolution retinal camera or Keratograph 5M topographer in addition to standard instrumentation.

  We are open only on week days and need an associate to join our practice for at least two or three days per week to start with. Billing and scheduling are handled by capable staff, and we offer competitive compensation. We would like to be part of your future, contact us soon!

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Family Vision Center of Tacoma

Family Vision Center of Tacoma

Tacoma, WA

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