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Diopsys, Inc. - Chicago, IL
Posted: September 30, 2020

Diopsys, Inc. is the leading provider of office-based visual electrophysiology medical devices that help ophthalmologists and optometrists analyze the entire visual pathway for visual and neuro-visual disorders. The company offers the current state of the art in both Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) and Electroretinography (ERG) vision testing technology.

Our patented technology is a proven effective tool in providing objective, functional information to the primary care physician, ophthalmologist and optometrist for the most appropriate and timely treatment to prevent vision loss. This technology is used for the detection of subclinical vision disorders and comparative data for decision making when a diagnosis is equivocal/differential and vision testing in children. It also provides data to help isolate the location of visual pathway abnormalities, monitor progression of disease, and give the physician and patient an objective, alternative testing method when the patient or other test results have limitations (see for additional information).


In this clinical and tech savvy role, the Clinical Application Specialist will train physicians and clinical staff in system operation, clinical applications and the technologies of VEP and ERG. This training includes product demonstrations, device installation and test implementation.  The CAS will also build and maintain strong customer and distributor relationships, while providing service as required.

We offer a competitive compensation program consisting of a $55K-$65K annual salary and a generous car and cell phone allowance. The company also provides an excellent benefits package including paid time off, medical, dental and vision benefits and the potential for a performance based quarterly bonus in addition to participation in an annual awards program.

Desired Locations

Illinois, Michigan, Missouri,


• 3+ years of clinical experience in operating and/or teaching the use of ophthalmic equipment
• Strong communication skills, work ethic, and organizational skills

• Ability to efficiently manage time and cost in everyday activities

•International travel experience required 

Travel frequency 75-85%, with 50% dedicated to international travel
• COA, CCOA, COT, & COMT preferred
• Bachelor’s degree in Physical Science or Nursing a plus

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Diopsys, Inc.

Diopsys, Inc.

Chicago, IL

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