Certified Retinal Angiographer

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Posted: February 21, 2021

JOB SUMMARY: This individual is responsible for documenting specific disease processes through photography and other imaging devices as requested by the ordering provider.


1.     Performs fundus, anterior segment and external photography as ordered by the eye care provider.

2.     Performs intravenous fluorescein angiographies and/or indocyanine green angiographies as ordered by the eye care provider.

3.     Performs scanning computerized ophthalmic diagnostic imaging (i.e. OCT, HRT) as ordered by the eye care provider.

4.     Obtains informed consent form as it applies to angiographies.

5.     Processes film; mounts and labels slides; maintains film log and/or backups of digital database regularly.

6.     Maintains camera(s), related equipment and inventory of supplies.

7.     Maintains all patient-related records as they pertain to imaging systems.

8.     Maintains records of work performed.

9.     Obtains images for physician presentations as necessary.

10.   Performs other duties as assigned.


1.     Requires normal range of eyesight to perform necessary tasks involved with the photographing of images and developing of slides and film.

2.     Involves working in a small space in dimly-lit, or darkroom.


1.     Two to three years of experience in ophthalmic photography and digital imaging.

2.     CRA and JCAHPO certification preferred.

3.     CPR certification is necessary.


1.     Knowledge of ocular anatomy.

2.     Computer literacy.

3.     Excellent communication skills.

4.     Strong team orientation.

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Retina Consultants of Texas

Retina Consultants of Texas

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