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Posted: September 18, 2018

Gorovoy M.D. Eye Specialists is seeking a Certified Ophthalmic Technician, Certified Ophthalmic Assistant or Ophthalmic Assistant.  Only experience apply.

We have great Doctors we work for and we continue to have long time employees.  Great pay and benefits.


POSITION:                           COA, COT, COMT, OA


REPORTS TO:     Lead Ophthalmic Technician and Administrator

JOB SUMMARY:  to perform an extensive number of data collection functions in both paper and EMR forms as delegated by the MD to allow for proper professional diagnosis of patients’ conditions.


High school diploma, some college preferred.
Minimum six (6) months experience as a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (COA).
Valid proof of Certification and continuing education credits if required.
Valid CPR certification


Demonstrates advanced comprehension of the Ophthalmic assistant skills as outlined by the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO).
Thorough understanding of Optics as it relates to: eyewear; contacts; prism definitions; refraction and lens types.
Demonstrates empathy and personal understanding of the patient’s needs and concerns.
Well-organized with attention to detail.
Demonstrates ability to work well with others and can interact favorably in a team driven work environment.
Demonstrates ability to perform consistent comprehensive patient work up in a timely manner that follows benchmarks created by JCAHPO, ASCRS and AAO.
Demonstrates ability to read and comprehend training materials provided by team leaders and be ready to pass any written or oral exams given by team leaders.
Demonstrated computer literacy.


Communication and Patient Care

Acquaint all new patients with office procedures to which they will be exposed to.  Inform patients of the purpose of all testing that is personally performed and how the patient will be affected during the tests.
Obtain patient history to include: chief complaint; history of present illness/disease; past (both ocular and general/medical); family history (ocular) and history of allergies and medications.
Perform accurate and consistent documentation and measurement tasks to include:

Visual Acuity
Manual Lensometry
Confrontational Visual Fields
Stereo Testing
Evaluation of Motility
Pupillary function Tests
Color Plates
Pneumo-tonometry/Applanation Tonometry
Manual Refractions
Angle Assessment
Pupil Assessment
Pupil Dilation
Contact lens Evaluations/fitting including Scleral Lens fittings
Visual Field Testing (Goldman & Humphries)
Optic Nerve Scanning on any designated device
A-Scans on any designated device
Corneal Topography
Endothelial Cell Counts
Lid Assessment including Goldman Fields
Prism assessment (current glasses)
Retinal scans on any designated device
Anterior Segment scans on any designated device
Obtain appropriate signed waivers for non-covered testing and inform patient of out of pocket expenses
Perform as a Scribe to the MD when needed
Assist MD with Laser Procedures
Assist MD with Minor Surgery Procedures
Maintain Minor Surgery room
Maintain Standards of practice as it relates to sterile technique and infection control.
Preoperative Paperwork and Testing
Brightness Acuity Measurements as required by Examination
Perform Zone Quick Tear Testing as required by Examination
Escort Patients to and from rooms and to the checkout area as needed.
Open and Close all exam rooms according to accepted norms.
Restock all exam rooms as needed.


Place exam charts in time order (unless patient is more than 30 minutes late) in the appropriate rack when accepting records from the front desk.
Take Charts and corresponding patient in the order they were placed in the chart rack.
Provide telephone/computer support regarding ocular emergencies, prescription refill requests and patient care inquiries.
Effectively communicate with reception personnel to facilitate smooth patient flow.
Review physician-generated instructions with patient.
Provide appropriate patient education materials as directed by physician.

 Instrument Maintenance

Report unresolved instrument issues to Lead Technician or Administrator.
Solve minor issues immediately.
Replace bulbs/paper/ink as needed.
Perform Backup or Archiving as directed by machine manuals.
Perform autoclaving and instrument cleaning according to accepted practices.
Advise person in charge of ordering supplies when an item needs to be reordered prior to the depletion of that item.


Report anything out of the normal to Lead Technician or Administrator immediately.
This list is not to utilized as the sole means of Job function; Lead Technician/Administrator can delegate other duties deemed necessary to provide superior Patient care beyond this Description.



Gorovoy M.D. Eye Specialists

Gorovoy M.D. Eye Specialists

Fort Myers, FL

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