Appointment Scheduler

St. Paul Eye Clinic, P.A. - Saint Paul, MN

General Summary: A nonexempt position responsible for making appointments for patients following medical practice procedures. Tasks may be integrated into another position, e.g., receptionist/registration clerk.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Schedules appointments for patients by phone when they call in. If medical practice offers one-day appointments, schedules these appointments following physician and clinic protocols which may mean scheduling the patient with a physician other than their primary physician.
  • Uses manual/computerized system to match physician availability with patient’s preferences in terms of date and time.
  • Maintains scheduling system so records are accurate and complete and can be used to analyze patient/staffing patterns.
  • Retrieve and process patient’s requests from our website.
  • Retrieve and process any other incoming correspondence/requests from other facilities.
  • Ensures that updates (e.g., cancellations or additions) are input daily into master schedule.
  • Communicate as needed with physicians and other staff about any patient concerns/issues related to scheduling. Consults with office manager about any system problems.
  • Uses customer service principles and techniques to deal with patients calmly and pleasantly.
  • Verify and prepare dictation documents for the physicians to sign. Send completed dictation.
  • Perform other various duties as assigned.

Education: High school diploma.

Experience: Minimum one year of experience in an appointment scheduling position, preferably in a medical practice setting.

Performance Requirements:


  • Knowledge of medical practice protocols related to scheduling appointments.
  • Knowledge of manual/computerized scheduling systems.
  • Knowledge of customer service principles and techniques.


  • Skill in communicating effectively with physicians about scheduling preferences.
  • Skill in maintaining master appointment schedule via manual or computerized means.
  • Skill in producing reports about appointment patterns as needed.


  • Ability to communicate calmly and clearly with patients about appointments in all circumstances including when they are urgent or emergent.
  • Ability to analyze situations and respond appropriately.

Equipment Operated: Standard office equipment with emphasis on computer hardware and software as well as telephone, scanners, printers.

Work Environment: Position is in a well-lighted office environment.

Mental/Physical Requirements: Mostly sedentary with some standing, walking, reaching. Periodic stress from handling many calls and patient requests.

St. Paul Eye Clinic, P.A.

St. Paul Eye Clinic, P.A.

Saint Paul, MN