Ophthalmic Technician

Hillsboro Eye Clinic, PC

Hillsboro Eye Clinic, PC
512 E Main St
Hillsboro, Oregon

United States

Job Title

Ophthalmic Technician




High School diploma or equivalent


Seeking an Ophthalmic Technician
Individual must be reliable, have stable work history, strong written and verbal communication, and be a cooperative team player.

Patient Care
• Performs accurate and consistent documentation and measurement tasks to include:
o Visual Acuity
o Manual Lensometry
o Confrontational Visual Fields
o Stereo testing
o Evaluation of Motility
o Pupillary function tests
o Color Plates
o Applanation tonometry
o Advanced Refractometry
o Retinoscopy
o Angle Assessment
o Dilation of Pupils
o Contact lens evaluations
o Visual Field Testing
o Optic Nerve Scanning (i.e. OCT, HRT, GDx)
o Pachymetry
o Corneal Topography
o A Scan and B Scan
o Ophthalmic imaging including flourescein angiography
o Other tasks specific to the physician needs as a result of new technologies
• Perform duties consistent with ophthalmic writer/scribe
• Assist physician with laser procedures.
• Assist physician with minor surgery maintaining practice standards of sterile technique and infection control
• Maintain a smooth flow of patients to the physician, altering the test sequence as required.
• Provide telephone support regarding ocular emergencies, prescription refills, and patient care questions.
• Communicate with reception and lead ophthalmic technician to facilitate proper patient flow.

Instrument Maintenance
• Troubleshoot instruments as necessary
• Replace bulbs
• Check connections
• Perform archiving functions according to manufacturer recommendations