How To Establish A Culture of Trust and Success in the Workplace

When we consult with employers looking to recruit medical professionals we stress the importance of intentionally crafting and developing a company culture that will attract top talent. We encourage organizations to think about what type of person they want to hire, then consciously develop a company culture that will attract these types of professionals. We thought it might be helpful to describe some of the attributes we look for in our own employees at Local Eye Site, and how we go about creating a culture to attract those types of pros.

We’ll discuss 3 important characteristics and how we use culture to attract and retain the types of people that have these traits:

Independent, self-motivated professionals serious about doing great work  

If there is one thing I am not, it’s a micro-manager. I don’t want to manage people very closely, first because I don’t enjoy managing people that much, but also because I feel like too much structure stifles creativity, independence and ultimately makes people feel less invested in their work. I make it very clear during the interview process that if you’re looking for a work environment with a lot of direction and hand-holding, you’ve come to the wrong place.  

Clear objectives, and some direction is obviously necessary, but in general, I like to point people towards the target and let them figure out how to hit it. The result is a company that begins to take on the personality of our group, not just the founder. This way we leverage the unique strengths, experiences and creativity of us all, and in the end I think our employees feel more challenged and rewarded by the job they do because they know they’ve put their stamp on this place.  

Other ways we craft the culture include sharing our financials with all of our employees (excluding salary details). Although we do have a documented vacation policy, I couldn’t tell you the last time I checked to see how many days any of our employees actually used. We offer unlimited sick days, and I don’t care where people work most days, or what time they come to work, or leave. All of this suggests that the thing that matters most is meeting objectives and doing it in such a way that builds trust.

Creative brains

A standard part of our interview process is to ask candidates to demonstrate their abilities before hiring them. During the interview process for a marketing position recently, we asked candidates to create ads for LES that would solicit a certain response from customers. We asked our inside sales people to role-play sales calls. Our web developer candidates show us how to write code that performs certain functions. This process does a couple of things. First, we find out how determined candidates are to work at Local Eye Site. Are they problem solvers that can take a goal, and figure out how to get there on their own? Additionally, this gives candidates the opportunity to show-off their creativity, an important characteristic for LES employees.  

No mean people, no drama, a close team    

Lastly, we want a team that forms a bond. We like to have fun together in and outside of work. So, taking candidates out in social settings before hiring them is something we regularly do. Spending time with the candidate outside the office gives our team, and the candidate a chance to get a feel for how well they fit into our culture. We also regularly take our team on out of town retreats where we collaboratively work through goal setting and problem solving. We take in the opinions of every employee, and have fun along the way. All of this sends the message to the candidates and current employees that we aim for employment at Local Eye Site to be more than just a job.

We want this to be a place where employees challenge themselves to grow within an safe environment that allows room for mistakes as part of the growth process, and celebrates successes with teammates that genuinely care for one another. Turnover at LES is rare, but when people do leave, we’re confident that our culture helped equip them to be great contributors at their next place of employment.  

Get started today on adding new members to your team with these characteristics for success!

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