Our Company

U.S. Vision, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Refac Optical Group, is a retailer of optical products and services through optical departments licensed to operate within national and regional department stores. We have been engaged in the retail optical business since 1967. We are located in 45 states and in Canada. We offer an extensive selection of designer brands and private label prescription eyewear, contact lenses, sunglasses, ready-made readers and accessories.  Also, an on premise, independent doctor of optometry performs complete eye examinations and prescribes eyeglasses and contact lenses.

At our corporate headquarters in Glendora, NJ, we operate a single modern optical laboratory and distribution facility where we manufacture and fill customer orders for prescription eyewear. Customer orders are placed at the retail stores and transmitted to the central optical laboratory daily, where the lenses are ground, cut and finished in a custom fitted optical frame style selected by the customer. 


Optometrist Opportunities

As an independent practitioner you will be the owner of a private independent practice with no U.S. Vision restrictions or interference regarding fees or patient care. You will be able to provide your patients with all optometric services, collect professional fees set by you, and not have to be concerned about normal business and administrative distractions. The opportunity offered does not require any investment.  We provide you with a fully equipped office exposed to a steady patient flow created by U.S. Vision advertising and host store traffic including participation in some of the largest managed care networks in America.  You determine the level of success by virtue of your commitment to your office schedule and recall system.

Our offices are prime locations in large regional malls, strip shopping centers and big box stores that offer high levels of foot traffic.

For more information on current available lease opportunities or for opportunities in our corporate headquarters visit www.usvision.com or call 1-800-303-0940.






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