Pay to Post? Here is Why it’s Actually Valuable

We talk with thousands of organizations looking to hire Optometrists, Ophthalmic Technicians, Opticians to fill their eye care related job vacancies. Sometimes the feedback we get is that the practice or organization can’t afford, or has made the decision to “only work with free recruiting resources.” In these situations, the employer has made the decision that either they cannot afford to make an investment in the recruitment process, or that they think there is no value in things like recruitment advertising. How does your eye care organization make the right decision about whether or not to make an investment in staffing? Let’s begin with what we do know.

Because of the high cost of turnover, we do know that it makes great business sense to hire well and work to retain good employees. Turnover of good employees is very expensive. Cost estimates of turnover are all over the place, but the lowest cost estimate I’ve personally seen is 16% of salary for higher turnover, lower pay positions. 16% of $30,000 is $4,800. I’ve seen it as high as 150% of salary for higher-level positions. How can an organization decide if it makes sense to make an investment in ads on a recruitment website, for example, or if they can rely exclusively on free resources?

Here are 5 questions I think you should ask yourself in order to decide if the site you have in mind is likely to provide the kind of candidates that will save you money in the long-run:

1. Is the source comprehensive in that it serves ads to passive and active, experienced and inexperienced candidates?

2. Does this resource target the kinds of candidates that would be a good fit for your culture?

3. Is recruitment advertising or recruiting the core competency of the professionals that operates this board?

4. Does this resource target professionals that are serious about a career in our field, as opposed to just any job?

5. Is the organization that runs this board invested in our industry?

Asking these questions of the resources you use to recruit staff will increase the likelihood that you will get it right the first time and recruit an employee that will be with you for the long-haul.

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