Ophthalmic Assisting: 5 Attitudes That Lead to Loving Your Job

Guest Post By Sergina M. Flaherty, COMT

We have all read or heard someone say, “It’s all about attitude.” Attitude is one thing that we can control ourselves, and by applying the following, you will love your days and work at the office.


It’s the easiest thing you can do and it can put you in the best of moods. If you feel happy, your day is so much better. The small stuff doesn’t bother you, the grumpy patient can’t move you, and the stressed ophthalmologist or office manager can’t get to you. Your head will be clear and solutions to problems will come easier as well.


When you have a genuine concern for the suffering of others, you’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction by helping them. Listen before you judge. Listen more than you speak. Our patients come to us for help. Our duty is to help them and the Ophthalmologist.


When you know your stuff, you won’t get frazzled. No matter what type of patient or problem(s) they have, you can handle it with ease. JCAHPO certification will help you achieve success in your career and give you the confidence to perform your best.


By sharing your knowledge with others, you’ll feel good about yourself. Everyone has to start from the beginning. Be that ophthalmic tech that everyone comes to for answers. Be that ophthalmic tech that patients ask for by name. When you teach others, you learn as well.


By showing genuine feelings, free from deceit or pretense, you will perform at the highest level. Keep your mind on the task at hand, treat everyone with respect, and you will love what you do every day.


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