Local Eye Site Launches New Tele-Eyecare Platform, EyeConnect


To continue serving patients in the eye care industry, many doctors are looking to Telehealth solutions. While historically a platform for recruitment advertising in eye care, Local Eye Site has expanded its services to now offer a Telehealth application, EyeConnect, to its existing customers of eye care employers.

For Eye Care Providers

If you happen to be on the service provider side, Local Eye Site can help you provide your services to existing and new patients through the TeleHealth Solution, EyeConnect.


Eye care providers consistently cite staffing as their #1 challenge. Local Eye Site makes staffing simple and now bundles that capability with a telehealth solution.

Jobs in Eye Care Industry

Searching for jobs in the eye care industry has never been easier, and Local Eye Site created the most comprehensive single resource for eye care jobs.


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