Local Eye Site Announces 4th Annual Outstanding Ophthalmic Technician Awards

Eye Care Staffing Leader to Honor Four Technicians for Leadership in Ophthalmology

Local Eye Site is proud to announce its 4th annual program that recognizes the quality care and dedication of all Ophthalmic Technicians. The Outstanding Ophthalmic Technician Awards honor eye care professionals that demonstrate exemplary talents in clinical practices, patient care and collaboration. This exceptional technician exhibits teamwork with doctors and colleagues, and industry leadership through peer mentorship. The program is established by Local Eye Site and is sponsored by Icare USA.

To receive the honor, Ophthalmic Technicians must be nominated by their peers through the completion of an online nomination form. Nominations will be accepted between now and October 31st, 2019.

See the 2017-2018 awards webpage at: https://localeyesite.com/blog/winning-ophthalmic-technicians

Local Eye Site and Icare USA will recognize four regional winners from the west, midwest, southeast and northeast regions of the United States. Each winner will receive $500 in the form of a Visa gift card, and the person that nominated the winner will receive a $250 gift card.

Sponsor, Icare USA, is also providing an Icare® ic100 tonometer, valued at $4,895 each, to the ophthalmology practice where winners are employed. This is an easy and patient-friendly method for 24-hour monitoring of intraocular pressure to tailor the management of glaucoma patients and suspects.

Brad McCorkle, Founder and CEO of Local Eye Site, said “As there is a national shortage of trained ophthalmic personnel, we find it very important to show those in the field that they have tremendous value, especially if they are helping others to become involved. We know the  technicians using Local Eye Site are incredibly qualified and hard-working, so we’re very excited to share their success stories.”

“We believe Ophthalmic Technicians work very hard so we wanted to do something to show our appreciation,” said Icare President and CEO, John Floyd. “This is exactly why we are working with Local Eye Site in this effort.”

Local Eye Site is a leader in eye care hiring for ophthalmology, optometry, and optical sectors. Through recruiting technology, targeted advertisements, and industry partnerships, Local Eye Site helps employers to save time and money on hiring, and helps thousands of quality eye care professionals to land jobs. localeyesite.com

Icare USA is a subsidiary of Icare Finland, the original developer and global leader in handheld tonometry. Today the Icare® tonometer has obtained world wide official clearances (US FDA, CE, CFDA, etc.) with over 40,000 satisfied users in more than 50 countries. icare-usa.com

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