Landing Your Dream Job in Eye Care

When you’re looking to land your dream job in eye care, whether that be as an Optometrist, an Ophthalmic Technician, Optician or any of the other varying roles, there are certain things you can do to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, the internet makes it easy to job hunt, but it also makes it easier for employers search for candidates. In order for you to get into the eye care industry, or advance in the industry, you should spend a good deal of effort perfecting one key resource: your resume.

According to Monster, your resume is your number one ammo on a job hunt. Every impressive resume should always include your contact information, education, and former work experience. To build a great resume, use a resume template tool like this one and begin forging the path to your future career in eye care.

Spruce Up Your Generic Info

As mentioned, every good resume contains certain factors that tell potential employers basic information about yourself that you want—and need—them to know. Since every resume has to contain these rather basic details, like your contact information and education, you should do all that you can to spruce up the layout of your resume. Even if you aren’t a design expert, using a template or investing time in creative fonts or graphics can really make your resume stand out.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are seeking your first job in the eye care industry, your resume should be one page in total. If you have more then three years of experience in the field, your resume can be two pages. But keep in mind that brevity is always better, and keeping things simple will in fact spruce up your generic info in an appealing way.

Specific Details for Eye Care Positions

When applying for a position within the eye care industry, you will also want to include specific information that pertains to the role you are targeting. Employers will know from your resume if you have done the proper amount of research into their company. By tailoring the specific details you included to align with the job responsibilities, you will look extremely impressive to the hiring manager.

Some details that you will want to include if you are applying specifically for an eye care position are:

·      Clinical experience

·      Honors/awards

·      Personal goals and objectives

·      Key skills

By including these details in a stand-out way, your potential employers will not only get to know more about you, but they will also see that you are qualified for the position. Following these tips will allow you to develop a professional, unique resume that will draw the attention of your employers and help you land your dream job.

Contributing author: Jane Sandwood: Jane is a freelance writer and editor, working across a wide variety of fields. Her main interest is exploring how people can improve their health and well being in their everyday life. And when she isn’t writing, Jane can often be found with her nose in a good book, at the gym or just spending quality time with her family.

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