Great Vibes at Vision Source

by Steven Squires on April 18, 2014

Vision Source Logo

Local Eye Site was recently awarded the opportunity to travel to Boston, Massachusetts for the Vision Source Exchange - an annual meeting for continued education, conference, and networking for Vision Source Members.  Brad McCorkle, founder of Local Eye Site, was asked to speak on the topic of Online Hiring in the Eye Care Industry, and the turnout was fantastic!  In case you missed it, Brad spoke on the importance of establishing a robust employer brand as well as creating inticing job listings that attract top quality talent in the eye care industry.  More information on Brad’s presentation at Vision Source can be found in our Online Hiring Guide - which you can download FREE by clicking here!

Vision Source was also an excellent opportunity for us to debut our services to Vision Source members for the first time as a preferred vendor.  One of the visitors who stopped by our booth, Dr. Heriberto D. Ramos, OD, PA, walked away with an Apple iPad Mini as a result of our free giveaway.  Congratulations, Dr. Ramos! Overall, we had several ECPs stop by our booth to get to know us a little better, and we thank you all of you for coming to see us at the show!

Dr. Ramos - The Winner of our iPad Mini Giveaway!

All in all, our first experience at the Vision Source Exchange was a terrific experience.  We met a bunch of new colleagues, and we had a great time talking to like-minded professionals wishing to advance their business through online hiring.  We are definitely looking forward to next year!

Did you attend Vision Source? What did you think of the show? Comment below!


April Featured Employer: Minnesota Eye Consultants

by Steven Squires on April 15, 2014

At Local Eye Site, we really appreciate all of our great employers. Every month, one employer is highlighted as a Featured Employer to give you - the job seeker - a little more insight into the types of employers who are hiring in the eye care industry. Whether it’s a new company looking to hire for the first time, an established employer who’s been around the hiring block once or twice, or a well-known company with ongoing hiring needs - they all have one thing in common: They need quality people like YOU to get the job done! Check back here each month for a new featured employer, but first allow us to introduce this month’s Local Eye Site featured employer:

Minnesota Eye

Minnesota Eye Consultants, with six locations in and around the Twin Cities, is a dynamic organization of revered ophthalmologists with extraordinary educational and professional credentials. When it comes to your job search, Minnesota Eye Consultants is an excellent organization to nurture and advance your eye care career for several reasons. First and foremost, Minnesota Eye Consultants encourages a culture that maintains a strong foundation in patient care and customer service. Working for an organization that deeply cares about the people they serve is an extremely important factor when conducting your job search - regardless of the industry you work in.  In eye care, and health care in general, a company that pays attention to the needs of their patients is a company you as a job seeker should pay attention to.

Furthermore, as an employee of Minnesota Eye Consultants, you would experience the opportunity to participate in numerous Health & Wellness lectures, departmental appreciation months, organized fitness challenges, and charity team-building events.  An important part of finding the perfect eye care job should always include corporate culture, and it appears as though Minnesota Eye Consultants has it figured out when it comes to taking care of the people who make their practice successful.

As a final testament as to why Minnesota Eye Consultants would be a great career option is the sheer number of employees who are perfectly happy working there. Here are just a couple testimonials from some of the staff professionals who work at Minnesota Eye:

“My favorite things about Minnesota Eye Consultants are the opportunities for advancement and for continuing education. I am always learning new things and encouraged to expand my skill set.” - Jen F., Ophthalmic Assistant

“Minnesota Eye offers great benefits and, despite its size, it still feels like a family. I truly enjoy the people I work with and appreciate that Minnesota Eye is always looking for the highest quality employees.” - Craig H., Tech Supervisor

To read more testimonials, check out their about page here.

Overall, Minnesota Eye Consultants is a great choice for advancing - or starting - your career in eye care.  With a mission that is to preserve, restore, and enhance vision through research, teaching, and providing the highest quality medical and surgical care to patients, Minnesota Eye Consultants truly strives to be the best in what they do - a goal they can only achieve with people like you.  Join a great team in eye care, and help them achieve their goal of being the best!

Minnesota Eye Consultants

So there you have it! The April Featured Employer - Minnesota Eye Consultants! If you would like more information about working at Minnesota Eye Consultants, or to apply for one of their available positions on Local Eye Site, then we encourage you to check out their Featured Employer page. Who knows - you may just be the one they’re looking for!

Search Open Positions at Minnesota Eye Consultants

*Note: The monthly Featured Employer Program is a paid advertisement.


3 Job Interview Lessons We Can Learn From Golf

by Steven Squires on April 12, 2014

It’s spring in the northern hemisphere, and for many of us that means two things.  1. Winter is over (well, at least for some), and 2. The Masters Tournament. In light of these two wonderful events, we’ve decided to take your job search off the internet for a moment and invite you to imagine yourself on the golf course at Augusta National.  In today’s post, we’re going to explain how playing golf and the job interview process can actually go hand in hand.  So sit down, grab an Arnold Palmer, and enjoy these lessons learned from golf as the apply to the job interview process.


1. Practice Makes Perfect

Like many things in life, practice is critical if you want to master the skills needed to perform well on the golf course. Bubba Watson, Adam Scott, and Rickie Fowler didn’t get to where they are today simply by reading books on how to play the game.  Instead, they practiced - and they probably did it so much that they could play the game in their sleep.  The same logic applies for the interview process.  As a job seeker, your job (in addition to other responsibilities you may have) is to essentially find a job - therefore you should be doing everything you can to make sure you master the art of interviewing before you set foot in your next job interview.  Take time to study the organization you’re interviewing with and learn their values, mission statement and company vision. Become familiar with their products, services, and standards of operation so when your interviewer asks you about them, you can deliver an informed response. Also, practicing your interview skills with a friend or mentor can be helpful since, like in golf, you often can’t detect your own weaknesses unless someone else points them out to you in a constructive manner.

2. Patience is a Virtue

In golf, patience is one of those things you just have to have - regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a generally patient individual. On the course, you have to have patience for the people playing ahead of you, the people you’re playing with, and you have to be patient with yourself when things aren’t going the way you want them to.  Likewise in the interview process, patience with your interviewer is something you must have in order to maintain your sanity. This holds especially true at the conclusion of an interview when the only thing you have left to do (after sending your thank-you cards, of course) is wait for an answer.  In golf, patience is easily disrupted by dwelling on your performance on the last hole.  Similarly, you can avoid losing your patience in the interview process by not dwelling on your performance in your last interview, but rather, focusing on submitting applications to other positions, even if you think you got the job you just interviewed for. This way, if the job you recently interviewed for doesn’t work out, you’re not left scrambling to secure another interview. Overall, patience can help you shave some strokes off your golf game, and keep your head on straight during the job interview process.

3. Attitude is Everything

When it comes to being successful at anything, your attitude can play a significant role in whether or not you achieve your goals.  In golf, if your attitude isn’t positive, then your score will be (keeping in mind that the lower your score is, the better).  Of course, for the purpose of this blog post, the same principle can be applied to the job interview process.  If you walk into an interview with a negative attitude, the outcome isn’t very likely to play out in your favor for many reasons. For one, how you carry yourself can speak volumes to a potential employer.  Interviewers can usually detect if someone is pessimistic, egotistic, or apathetic within the first few minutes of a face-to-face interview, so put on a smile and check your attitude at the door.  Furthermore, a negative attitude can impact your quest for a dream job even after the interview has concluded.  By remaining generally positive while taking the steps necessary to avoid disappointment and unpreparedness in the event you don’t get the job, your overall job search experience will be much better in the long run.

Overall, golf can teach us many things about life, and how you handle the job interview process is certainly one of them.  With a little practice, a lot of patience, and a positive attitude, you, too, can achieve success in your next job interview as long as you stay the course and avoid the hazards that lay before you.

Do you have a job interview on the horizon? If not, and you’re looking for a job in eye care, then Local Eye Site is a great place to get started.



The road to the National Championship comes to an end tonight when the University of Kentucky and the University of Connecticut face off in Arlington, TX in an effort to be crowned the champion of college hoops for the season.  In the midst of all the excitement this spring, have you considered some of the ways you could be crowned the champion of your job search?  In this post, we’ll quickly outline some of the ways you can conquer your career search with three simple steps.  Here we go:

1. Don’t Foul on Technicalities

Technical errors such as spelling and grammar issues on your resume or cover letter should be considered rookie mistakes, however you’d be surprised how often these errors go unnoticed on job applications in seasoned professionals.  Our Advice: Always be sure to double and triple check your documents to ensure accuracy and coherency so you don’t foul out before you even get the chance to interview.

2. Maintain a Winning Attitude

Not every job application is going to produce the results you had hoped for - no matter how perfect the job may have seemed at the time you submitted it.  Therefore, it is imperative that you maintain a positive attitude that will serve to carry you through the ups and downs of the job search process.  If you miss the first shot, dust yourself off and make it up on the rebound. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to outscoring the competition and earning that all-important interview!

3. Nail the Free-Throw Interview Questions

Some interview questions are designed to throw you off in an effort to test your critical thinking skills.  This is why making sure you nail the ‘easy’ interview questions is all too important in the interview process.  Our Advice: research standard interview questions that you should anticipate prior to heading in to the interview. Missing free points always gives the competition the upper-hand, so maintain focus and prepare for that job interview!

March madness may be coming to an end, but if you’re just now beginning your job search, we recommend you follow these three steps to ensure victory in our quest to land the perfect eye care job.

Local Eye Site is cheering for you! Check out these new job opportunities we have for you today!


Victory at Vision Expo East

by Steven Squires on April 2, 2014

Another Vision Expo East is now behind us, and having just now recovered from the premier eye care event, we can only look back on last week’s events as truly spectacular.  The Local Eye Site booth was teeming with activity as students, job-seeking ECPs, and employers stopped by during the show to enter their name to win an Apple iPad Mini, charge their cell phones, and power up their job search with the crew from Local Eye Site.  At the end of the show, only one person could win the iPad Mini - and that person was MCPHS University Student Scott Amoruso from Worchester, MA! Here he is pictured below:

Apple iPad Mini Winner at Vision Expo East!

In addition to all the activity at our booth during the show, the festivities after-hours were just as exciting to participate in.  The Student Party and Young Pro’s Club Networking events were well-attended and provided excellent opportunities for students and new professionals to connect while in New York.  We attended the Young Professional’s event and had the opportunity to speak with a few young professionals in Optometry, and needless to say they were enthusiastic about beginning their careers in the eye care industry.

Phone Charger at Vision Expo East!

The Luxottica Booth at Vision Expo East

Eye Rock was also a huge hit on Saturday night with a long list of talented musicians to move the crowd all night long.  The proceeds went to benefit New Eyes - a non-profit organization that empowers children and adults in the United States and overseas with the improved vision they need to pursue a better quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities. Everyone we saw that night seemed to be having a great time, and for a great cause!

Eye Rock

Overall, Vision Expo East was a great show this year.  We enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by the booth during the show, and we can’t wait until next year to continue to grow these new friendships that were forged this time around. All I know is the Local Eye Site Team can’t wait until Vision Expo West this fall! See you all in Las Vegas!

Did you know: Local Eye Site is the official jobs provider for VisionJobs - Vision Expo’s exclusive job board for Eye Care Professionals! Check out available jobs online today!

Did you attend Vision Expo?  What was your experience like?  Comment below!


5 Ways to Find a Job at Vision Expo East

by Steven Squires on March 22, 2014

New York is Home to Vision Expo East

Here’s a Hint: Treat Vision Expo Like a Big Networking Event

International Vision Expo is known throughout the eye care industry as ‘the complete eye care event’, offering eye care professionals the chance to advance their professional education, discover new developments in eye care technology, and network with some of the most reputable names in the industry.  For you, the job seeking eye care professional, Vision Expo is the perfect opportunity to put your best foot forward, spruce up that resume, and hit the show floor armed with a stack of business cards and a fresh outlook on your career. But what steps should you take to ensure that your efforts are successful? In this post, we’ll tell you what you need to know to make sure you hit the job search jackpot during International Vision Expo.

1. Create an Action Plan

The first thing you’re going to want to do prior to attending Vision Expo is come up with a plan of attack for when you get there.  You certainly don’t want wander aimlessly around the floor frantically trying to figure out which booths you want to visit during the show. This behavior is not only exhausting, but it doesn’t help you effectively use your time to maximize your job search efforts amid the other things you might have to do during Vision Expo (assuming you’re there for a reason other than looking for a job).Instead, we recommend you first check out which companies are hiring by visiting VisionJobs, Vision Expo’s very own job portal.  Then, once you know which companies have vacancies, you can use the show planner feature on the Vision Expo website to plan out which companies you want to touch base with while you’re there.  If you have a smart phone, you might even want to download the Vision Expo app - a handy feature to help you keep your day organized and your time managed effectively.

2. Promote Your Personal Brand

Another thing you’re going to want to do to increase your chances of finding a job at Vision Expo is bring along materials that help you promote your personal brand.  These materials typically include an updated version of your Resume, a notebook to jot down important information, and a business card with your contact information on it.  Even if you’re not currently employed, or if your current employer doesn’t supply you with business cards, you might want to go somewhere like or a local printer and create your own.  Although seemingly outdated, business cards are still relevant in networking situations, since oftentimes Resumes are too bulky to hold on to in a casual setting.  Overall, a good sprucing of your Resume and a clean business card can come in handy, especially at an event as big as Vision Expo.

3. Dress To Impress

Like any other professional event, what you wear can be an important factor in making a good first impression with a potential employer.  Our suggestion is that you bring along some clothes that will allow you to be comfortable, but also demonstrate professionalism.  You don’t need to wear interview-style clothing to the trade show, but it wouldn’t hurt to put in the extra effort to show potential employers that you’re serious about how you carry yourself.  How you carry yourself can oftentimes reflect how you perceive your profession, so dress to impress - even at Expo!

4. Attend the Social Events

Now this is a piece of advice we can all agree with.  Have FUN!  Vision Expo is really fun - especially after hours - so don’t ‘call it a night’ when the doors close at 6pm. Our advice is that you make an effort to take part in the social events that Vision Expo has provided during the week.  Of course, you never want to over do it, so be mindful of how much fun you’re having and keep your composure - especially if alcohol is involved.  You don’t want to end up embarrassing yourself in front of a potential employer - keep it professional, people! Events such as Eye Rock in years past is a great example of a good time had by all, so check out the calendar and make the decision to be social during Vision Expo!  Oh, and you never know who you’re going to run into, so bring your business cards while you’re at it!

Eye Rock

5. Follow Up

We’ve said this before, but always make sure you follow up with the connections you established during Vision Expo.  Odds are everyone you spoke with spoke to a hundred other people just like you, so the chances of them forgetting who you are a couple weeks down the road are pretty high.  Once you get home, take the time write them a short email thanking them for their time, recapping your conversation with them, and reminding them of where you are in your job search.  The worst thing that can happen is they don’t respond to your follow-up, but most people are pretty nice and will respond upon hearing from you.  The fact is, you never know until you try, so why not follow up and see where it leads? Whatever the case, following up is a great way to keep your name in the forefront of a potential employer’s memory, so follow up after Expo!

Overall, International Vision Expo is an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals in the eye care industry.  Whether you’re going for work, continuing education, or to find a job, there are things you can do to prepare and maximize your efforts (and fun) during this awesome event.  Even if you come home empty-handed as far as a job or an interview is concerned, at least you will have made some valuable connections along the way that could one day lead you to the job of your dreams!

Are you looking for a job and planning to attend Vision Expo? Take the first step and add Local Eye Site to your show planner!

Local Eye Site at Vision Expo East

Don’t forget to stop by the Local Eye Site booth 4484 at Vision Expo East! We’ll be giving away a FREE iPad Mini, so be sure to swing on by!  Employers: Click here for our show specials and discounts on our Premium Job Postings.

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Success at SECO 2014

by Steven Squires on March 19, 2014

With SECO 2014 now behind us, we take a few moments to reflect on our first experience attending SECO International in Atlanta, as well as recap some of what all went on at the Local Eye Site booth during the show.  First off, we had a great time - the people, the city, the food - all wonderful! From what we experienced in the little time we had, SECO knows how to make first-time exhibitors feel welcome, and we are so incredibly thankful for their southern hospitality.

Local Eye Site at SECO 2014

During the show, we told everyone that visited our booth that we would be giving away an Apple® iPad Mini by the end of the show.  Well, we held to that promise and selected our winner - Katie Davis, an Optometry Student from Charleston, SC! She was randomly selected to win our giveaway, and we’re glad she did - because she was VERY excited to win! Congratulations, Katie - and good luck on your future as an Optometrist!

Apple iPad Mini Winner!

Overall, we had a very good experience at SECO 2014.  The connections and friendships that were created during the show are sure to last for many years to come, and we look forward to the opportunity to participate at SECO again in the future.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at SECO 2014.  Next stop - Vision Expo East in New York City!

SECO 2014Did you attend SECO 2014?  Tell us about your experience!


March Featured Employer: National Vision, Inc.

by Kelli Moss on March 14, 2014

National Vision, Inc.

At Local Eye Site, we really appreciate all of our great employers. Every month, one employer is highlighted as a Featured Employer to give you - the job seeker - a little more insight into the types of employers who are hiring in the eye care industry. Whether it’s a new company looking to hire for the first time, an established employer who’s been around the hiring block once or twice, or a well-known company with ongoing hiring needs - they all have one thing in common: They need quality people like YOU to get the job done! Check back here each month for a new featured employer, but first allow us to introduce this month’s Local Eye Site Featured Employer:


National Vision, Inc. is an excellent company to work with for several reasons. For one, they pay close attention to the needs and concerns of their Doctors and associates. When asked, Doctors and associates at National Vision cited great hours, competitive salary, and excellent benefits among other things as their primary reasons for choosing to work for this organization.  Other reasons for employment included a generally positive attitude within the company, a good sense of job stability, progressive corporate leadership, and a focus on patient care - to name a few.  Based on these responses, it’s clear that the folks at National Vision listen to what their employees have to say about their company, which is why when asked in an interview, National Vision responded that most of their employees find working at the company fun, engaging, and fulfilling.

In addition to listening to their employees, National Vision also maintains a focus on serving the community by supporting and encouraging participation with a number of charitable eye care organizations such as SVOSH & VOSH Missions, Vision Spring,, Frames for the World, Optometry Giving Sight, Prevent Blindness America, and the Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry.  Furthermore, National Vision promotes serving for the greater good by focusing their charitable efforts on improving the vision of individuals at the local / state level, nationally, and even globally. From this value orientation, many of their patients receive eye care from National Vision that they otherwise would not have received on a daily basis.

The last reason National Vision is a great company to work for is due to their primary focus on customer satisfaction. When interviewed, National Vision explained how they focus on customer service at their organization. Here’s what they had to say: “Customer Satisfaction is vitally important and a key measurable in our stores. We use the “Net Promoter Score” metric on a monthly basis to measure how stores are progressing. This system asks our customers one question, ‘Would you recommend us to a friend or family member?’ The results and comments allow us to continually address concerns and refine our service.”

So there you have it! February’s Featured Employer - National Vision, Inc. with locations nationwide.  If you would like more information about working at National Vision, Inc., or to apply for one of their available positions on Local Eye Site, then we encourage you to check out their Featured Employer page.  Who knows, you may just be the one they’re looking for!

Search Open Positions at National Vision

Sources:, Interview

*Note: The monthly Featured Employer Program is a paid advertisement, and doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of Local Eye Site, LLC.


Be Bold and Stand Out

When it comes to recruiting, don’t forget that what you’re actually doing is a form of advertising known as ‘recruitment advertising.’ When companies advertise, they want to get noticed, have their product or service stand-out in some way so they differentiate themselves in hopes of winning the business.

Recruitment is no different. You are competing for ECPs, and don’t forget that there is a limited supply of these professionals, and your competitors are many. Just like in the pursuit of customers, as an employer, we need to be bold, and get noticed!

Here’s an example of a recent ad from an employer on Local Eye Site that we think gets it. Whether you appreciate this style or not, you have to admit this language grabs your attention!

“Most opticians can’t handle this AWESOME full-time opportunity.  So if you’re flaky, lack passion about eyewear, create office drama, and give attitude – don’t even think about it.  For the devoted few that love the optical field, want to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients, and understand the value of teamwork and commitment, apply if you dare!  You might just find the perfect place to work … at Your Optometry Center in Anytown, USA.

Eyewear Sales in Optometric Practice

Growing and respected optometric group has an immediate full-time opening for an exceptional dispensing optician.  Our eyewear showroom is one of the largest in Southern California and is complemented by our own in-office finishing lab.  The work environment is spacious, inviting, and friendly.  Our office is computerized and uses technology extensively to enhance the patient experience.

Your familiarity and proficiency with ophthalmic products, sales, and frame dispensing is assumed.  Over 2 years of experience is required. ABO certification is a plus but not required.  We are looking for the rare breed of optician that genuinely cares about our patients, can work harmoniously for the common good of the practice, and has the stability in life to bring consistent long-term service.”

Hopefully this example gives you an idea of how you can be bold in your recruitment advertising.  Remember, to get noticed, you have to be be bold and different!

Need more insight on how to hire effectively? Download our 2014 Online Hiring Trends Guide Today!


Don’t Hold Back: How to Overcome Fear to Achieve Success

by Brad McCorkle on February 27, 2014

Skydiver in freefall high up in the air

The most astonishing revelation of my entrepreneurial journey has been that prior to starting my own business, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I didn’t even understand what I was well-equipped to do. Don’t misunderstand, I thought I understood my strengths, but clearly I had not discovered my professional passion. I couldn’t honestly answer the question, what do you want to do when you grow-up? After a 15 year successful career in sales, my continued lack of contentment and clarity was a red flag.

I’ve reflected about what was holding me back, and I believe fear was the primary culprit. Not a fear of success or failure, but fear of the unknown. Studies actually show that we fear unknown outcomes more than ones that we know are bad. I generally love routine and predictability, so setting-out for uncharted territory isn’t something I do easily. Unknown things often feel “un-safe” to me. And because I sometimes struggle to find the courage to try new things, I miss experiences that would help me challenge inaccurate beliefs I have about things, including misconceptions about myself!

Before my entrepreneurial journey, I would have told you my personality was best suited for sales or finance, and that the creative aspect of building a business was best left to others. Well, that just wasn’t true, but I couldn’t have known because I never really explored the creative aspects of my personality. I was an athlete in college, and somewhere along the way I got the notion that former-athletes do finance and sales, so this is “who I must be.” Now that I’m running my own business, I find myself hiring people to handle much of our finance and sales, so that I can focus on the things I enjoy and am actually good at.

I ended up starting my own business in large part because I had the good fortune of walking closely along side a good friend as he embarked on his own entrepreneurial journey. A proverbial light bulb went off when he asked me to help him with a couple of creative projects related to the launch of his business (still not sure why he asked me for help!). The idea of starting my own business wasn’t something I ever really gave serious consideration, but my fortunate exposure to my friends journey helped me see that I really didn’t understand what starting a business was all about, nor did I understand how well-suited for it I actually was.

The point isn’t to challenge you to start your own business, but to encourage you to step out into the professional unknown. Try new things that may feel un-safe from time to time, perhaps volunteer for a project that’s outside your comfort-zone. You never know what you’ll discover.