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Get out your business cards, update your Resume or CV, and take that professional attire to the cleaners because International Vision Expo West is right around the corner! For many eye care professionals, Vision Expo is the perfect opportunity to join other colleagues in a quest to advance their education, learn about new trends and technology in eye care, and network with other professionals in the industry. As a job-seeker, Vision Expo can be an excellent opportunity to put your best foot forward and build professional relationships with some of the most reputable names in the industry. For that reason, we’ve come up with three reasons why attending Vision Expo West can help you with your career search:

Unique Networking Opportunities

Networking is a proven method behind finding employment, so why leverage Vision Expo to meet your next potential employer? During the show, you will be faced with the opportunity to meet and network with over 30,000 other eye care professionals in attendance - a small town’s worth of like-minded professionals who wish to see success in their field! There’s no question this is a remarkable opportunity. In addition to being able to network at the different booths, you will also be able to attend special events or sessions during the show that will give you ample opportunities to meet all kinds of different professionals. Overall, building your professional network is critical to landing your dream job, so be sure you come prepared with a stack of business cards, an updated Resume, and a positive attitude.

Continuing Education Classes to Build Your Resume/CV

Maybe you won’t find a job immediately during the show (and maybe you will), but you will almost certainly attend one of the many continuing education classes that will make you a more marketable candidate. Vision Expo offers dozens of continuing education classes, including business solutions, new technology, customer experience, and many more. Be sure to attend a class to learn more about a discipline that interests you and gives you a competitive edge as you continue your job search.

Build Meaningful Professional Relationships - and Have Fun!

Sometimes it’s easier to build meaningful relationships off the show floor because, lets face it, moving from booth to booth can be intimidating - not to mention exhausting! Luckily, Vision Expo and some of their sponsors host a number of social events in the evening that are perfect venues for professional growth – and they are really fun! Don’t turn off your networking charm after you leave the main floor at 5pm. Build your network while having a good time at social events such as the Eye Rock Concert, the Cocktail Banquet, and OD Student Party - to name a few. You never know who you could possibly meet, so be sure to bring your business cards when you venture out after hours.  On a side-note, always keep in mind that some of these events will be serving alcohol.  There’s no harm in having a drink or two after the show winds down, but always keep a professional demeanor with mingling with potential employers at Vision Expo. You’ll thank us later.

Overall, Vision Expo is a great way to propel your job search efforts, continue your education, or simply meet other colleagues. Even if you don’t land a job from the connections you made at the show, at least you were able to make connections along the way - connections that if maintained could possibly lead to the job of your dreams one day!

To learn more about International Vision Expo West, or to visit our booth at the show, just click here.



When it comes to choosing a career path, preparation and insight is critical to making an informed decision. One of the best ways to learn more about a particular field of practice is to research the projected outlook of a given industry. Industry reporting isn’t always the most exciting form of career path research, however it is important to understand so you can save yourself from a lot of frustration (and surprises) when you do eventually get your feet wet in the industry.

As a future Optometrist, you can rest-assured that the field of Optometry will be around for quite some time. In fact, The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that this industry is expected to grow, meaning there is more room than ever for future Optometrists who want to hop onboard!

Quick Facts - Optometry:
2012 Median Pay:                              $97,820 per year
Entry-Level Education:                     Doctoral or Professional Degree
2012 Number of Jobs:                       33,100
Job Outlook, 2012-22:                      24%
2012-22 Employment Change:       8,100
(Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Currently, there are over 33,000 Optometry jobs in the United States. This number is expected to grow 24% between 2012 and 2022, which is much faster than average! The expected growth of this industry is determined by several factors, but the most notable are the aging of the baby boomers, expanding health care coverage, and the increased use of technology.

An Aging Population Requires More Eye Care. The need for eye care is greater with increasing age, and lucky for Optometrists, the number of people over the age of 65 is growing every year because the baby boomers are crossing that threshold. The increased need for eye care is related to problems such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetes – all of which progress with age.

Health Care Coverage is Expanding. Several changes included in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will affect the number of patients who will want to see Optometrists. In addition to creating newly insured people, the ACA has a fully integrated pediatric vision benefit that offers a yearly eye exam and materials benefit for every dependent up to age 18. Because of this change, the demand for Optometrists is expected to grow rapidly.

Increased Use of Technology is Causing More Eye Related Problems. Studies have shown that between 50 and 90% of people who work in front of a computer have one or more symptoms of eye trouble. This problem is called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and it affects around 200 million American. The American Optometric Association states that, “some individuals may experience continued reduced visual abilities, such as blurred distance vision, even after stopping work at a computer. If nothing is done to address the cause of the problem, the symptoms will continue to recur and perhaps worsen with future computer use.” In fact, The National Eye Institute reports a 66% increase in myopia, or nearsightedness, in the past 25 years, which is thought to be because of the development of affordable personal computers.

Whether you are a student studying Optometry, a graduate looking for a job, or a veteran Optometrist, you have picked a better time than ever to be a part of this industry.

If you are in the market for an Optometrist job, or any other eye care job, you can find  hundreds of amazing opportunities at Local Eye Site.



The Importance of Creating a Personal Brand

by Ashlyn Sims on August 14, 2014

Stand Out Personal Brand

Competing for a job is tough, especially when there could be dozens – even hundreds - of people applying for the same position that you want. It is tempting to just send your email to as many recruiters as possible, but odds are that you will be thrown into a stack with all those other applications and not given the attention you deserve. Sure, you know how awesome you would be at this job, but how do you show that to someone else on just one sheet of paper?

It all starts with identifying and promoting your Personal Brand. Simply stated, a personal brand is what you are known for and what employers seek you out for amid a growing number of highly qualified applicants. You may be hesitant to think of yourself so objectively, and it is perfectly normal to not want to assign so much value to your different abilities. But, I want to challenge you to start to invest in your personal brand, and this is why it is so important for your job search:

A personal brand is a way to identify and reach your goals. Companies are looking for a candidate who is a good fit with their needs. When there seems to be a limited number of positions for a seemingly unlimited number of job seekers, it may seem important for you to mold to fit the needs of company. However, it is equally as important for a company to fit your needs as well. You can focus your job search on companies that meet your needs as well by identifying the core values, talents, and goals that make up your personal brand.

A personal brand is similar to a business brand: You need value. We can all name off dozens of our favorite brands, but do you ever think about what makes those companies so important to you? For example, you may shop at your favorite retail store because they have the lowest prices, or you may eat at the fast food restaurant around the corner because they have fast service. Whatever your preferences are, you choose to purchase from these companies because they offer something that provides value to you. On the other hand, if high quality is important to you then you probably aren’t going to waste your time or money at companies that brand themselves as having low prices or cheap quality.

Similarly, if you start thinking of yourself as a brand and the employer as a customer, you will be able to pin point exactly what makes you valuable to this employer and get your message across effectively. Employers are “shopping” for someone that adds value to their company, and if your current portrayal doesn’t align with this, they probably aren’t going to give you the time of day.

Employers are also looking for a reason not to hire you. Identifying your personal brand goes much further than telling employers why they should hire you; it is a way to make sure that your personal brand is consistent across all platforms so that employers do not find a reason apart from your resume to not hire you.

We have all heard the saying that it takes years to build a reputation and only minutes to destroy it. Well, thanks to a surge of social media in recent years, it is easier than ever for employers to build an impression and dismiss you based on reputation before ever meeting you. According to a recent study, nearly 39% of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring them. Of those, 43% said they found a reason not to hire the candidate, while 19% found information that influenced their decision to hire the candidate. By knowing your personal brand and keeping it consistent across all platforms, you can avoid being perceived negatively and even help support your brand positively.

A strong personal brand is a way to get companies to seek you out. Your personal brand is what you are known for. It may not seem powerful at first, but if you identify and invest in your personal brand, you can make a name for yourself and be the go-to person for certain skills and tasks within your different communities. This leads to people thinking of you when they have a problem, and even suggesting you when someone they know within a company has a need. In addition to this, you can put yourself one step ahead of other candidates by having a personal brand that employers compete to have – and the only thing better than getting a job offer, is having several offers to choose from.

Next in series: Discovering Your Personal Brand & Promoting Your Personal Brand



August Featured Employer: National Vision, Inc.

by Kelli Moss on August 5, 2014

National Vision

At Local Eye Site, we really appreciate all of our great employers. Every month, one employer is highlighted as a Featured Employer to give you - the job seeker - a little more insight into the types of employers who are hiring in the eye care industry. Whether it’s a new company looking to hire for the first time, an established employer who’s been around the hiring block once or twice, or a well-known company with ongoing hiring needs - they all have one thing in common: They need quality people like YOU to get the job done! Check back here each month for a new featured employer, but first allow us to introduce this month’s Local Eye Site Featured Employer:

National Vision Logo

National Vision, Inc. is an excellent company to work with for several reasons. For one, they pay close attention to the needs and concerns of their Doctors and associates. When asked, Doctors and associates at National Vision cited great hours, competitive salary, and excellent benefits among other things as their primary reasons for choosing to work for this organization.  Other reasons for employment included a generally positive attitude within the company, a good sense of job stability, progressive corporate leadership, and a focus on patient care - to name a few.  Based on these responses, it’s clear that the folks at National Vision listen to what their employees have to say about their company, which is why when asked in an interview, National Vision responded that most of their employees find working at the company fun, engaging, and fulfilling.

In addition to listening to their employees, National Vision also maintains a focus on serving the community by supporting and encouraging participation with a number of charitable eye care organizations such as SVOSH & VOSH Missions, Vision Spring,, Frames for the World, Optometry Giving Sight, Prevent Blindness America, and the Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry.  Furthermore, National Vision promotes serving for the greater good by focusing their charitable efforts on improving the vision of individuals at the local / state level, nationally, and even globally. From this value orientation, many of their patients receive eye care from National Vision that they otherwise would not have received on a daily basis.

The last reason National Vision is a great company to work for is due to their primary focus on customer satisfaction. When interviewed, National Vision explained how they focus on customer service at their organization. Here’s what they had to say: “Customer Satisfaction is vitally important and a key measurable in our stores. We use the “Net Promoter Score” metric on a monthly basis to measure how stores are progressing. This system asks our customers one question, ‘Would you recommend us to a friend or family member?’ The results and comments allow us to continually address concerns and refine our service.”

So there you have it! February’s Featured Employer - National Vision, Inc. with locations nationwide.  If you would like more information about working at National Vision, Inc., or to apply for one of their available positions on Local Eye Site, then we encourage you to check out their Featured Employer page.  Who knows, you may just be the one they’re looking for!

>> View Open Positions at National Vision


Sources:, Interview

*Note: The monthly Featured Employer Program is a paid advertisement, and doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of Local Eye Site.


OAA Job Board

Raleigh, NC  (July 11, 2014) – Local Eye Site is happy to announce a new version of the OAA Job Board on Long a member of the Local Eye Site Power Network, the Optician’s Association of America plays a key role in connecting the Opticianry community with job search and recruitment resources via Local Eye Site.

When asked about the partnership, Executive Director of the OAA Chris Allen had this to say: “The Opticians Association of America (OAA) represents the best and brightest opticians in the field. In a partnership with Local Eye Site, our organization now has the ability to give our members access to the best optical jobs in the industry. I encourage our members to come visit the Opticians Association of America’s website and view the job board and see many opportunities that are available to hardworking qualified opticians.”

The refreshed interface for the “Job Board” on furthers that mission of providing a simple, efficient and user friendly resource for job seekers and employers alike. users can now enjoy the seamless integration of Local Eye Site’s job search technology that supplies detailed job descriptions for positions posted nationwide. Furthermore, employers can now post positions on Local Eye Site that will be automatically promoted through this new interface on, effectively reaching a more targeted audience for their job postings.

“We are thrilled to be powering the Job Board for the OAA,” said Brad McCorkle, Founder of Local Eye Site. “This partnership enhances our exposure within the professional community of Opticians, and provides improved results for Local Eye Site customers recruiting Opticians.”

About Local Eye Site

Local Eye Site is the premier online employment site for all eye care professionals. More than a destination recruiting site, Local Eye Site is the engine that powers online recruiting for the entire eye care industry.

About the OAA

The OAA is the only national organization representing Opticianry’s business, professional, educational, legislative and regulatory interests. OAA’s mission is to promote and expand opticianry by being the single unified voice of America’s Opticians.


Charlotte Skyline

At Local Eye Site, we really appreciate all of our great employers. Every month, one employer is highlighted as a Featured Employer to give you - the job seeker - a little more insight into the types of employers who are hiring in the eye care industry. Whether it’s a new company looking to hire for the first time, an established employer who’s been around the hiring block once or twice, or a well-known company with ongoing hiring needs - they all have one thing in common: They need quality people like YOU to get the job done! Check back here each month for a new featured employer, but first allow us to introduce this month’s Local Eye Site Featured employer:


Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A (CEENTA) is a comprehensive eye, ear, nose and throat health care provider with 14 locations in and around the Charlotte, NC metro area. For the job-seeking eye care professional, CEENTA is an excellent place to begin or advance your career in the eye care industry. First and foremost, CEENTA knows how to treat their employees right by ensuring a comfortable and quality working environment. CEENTA also offers competitive health benefits packages to their employees and their families in addition to other benefits such as earned time off, flexible scheduling and employee discounts. It’s safe to say that if you work for CEENTA, you can rest-assured that you’ll be taken care of while you’re there! Check out their website for a list of other benefits available to their employees.

Another reason why CEENTA is a preferable place to continue your career in eye care is due to the fact that CEENTA is an organization that is dedicated to making a difference in the community.  By volunteering their time, talents, and energy to a program known as CEENTACares, CEENTA employees strive to improve the community in which they live and work through fund-raising, volunteer work, and other acts of charity on a regular basis. Check out their website for a list of current projects CEENTA employees are participating in to better their community!

Finally, CEENTA is an organization deeply rooted in a history of providing excellent medical care to their patients for over 90 years. This means that as a health care provider, they’re probably not going anywhere soon - which means working there is likely to be an experience worth sticking around for. As a job seeker, part of your objective in finding a place to work is to ensure that you find a place that will ultimately benefit you and your career in the long run.  If you’re searching for a nurturing place to begin or advance your career in the eye care industry, CEENTA appears to be an excellent place to do it.


So there you have it! The July Featured Employer - Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.! If you would like more information about working at CEENTA, or to apply for one of their available positions on Local Eye Site, then we encourage you to check out their Featured Employer page. Who knows - you may just be the one they’re looking for!

Search Open Positions at CEENTA

*The monthly Featured Employer Program is a paid advertisement.

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Build an Employment Brand to Hire Top Talent

by Steven Squires on June 20, 2014

Employer Branding

Like every other buzzword circulating the internet these days, the concept of ‘employer branding’ has become the most recent bandwagon philosophy to spread like wildfire throughout the HR community. Employer branding, however, isn’t a new concept - nor is it something to be ignored.  For those of you who may not yet be familiar with the term, employer branding is the idea that companies can leverage the positive, exciting, and/or unique elements of their corporate culture to recruit quality employees and gain familiarity in the talent market as a great place to work.  Employer branding essentially allows smaller, lesser-known companies to compete with larger organizations for the best talent - and it works.

When one thinks about employer branding, one typically refers to big tech companies like Google, Facebook, or I mean, sure they’re big, well-known, and successful, but how did they get to be so popular amongst job-seekers?  It could be argued that the sheer success of these companies attracted opportunistic job seekers looking to make a quick buck (which could be true), but what keeps the resumes flowing in?  I’d say their employment brand has something to do with it.

Popular companies, large and small, work hard to provide quality service to their customers while also treating their employees as equally valuable assets to the overall success of the practice. Providing reasonable but enticing benefits packages, unique team-building events, and financial incentives are just some of the ways successful companies recruit and retain their best employees. Furthermore, creating awareness for and cultivating your employment brand is just as important as marketing your practice’s products and services to your customers. Customer loyalty, revenue production, office efficiency, and practically every aspect of your day-to-day operations lay in the hands of your staff, and the future success of your practice will be determined by the team that you put in place.

Overall, an attractive employment brand can have a tremendous impact on your efforts in hiring qualified eye care professionals. Whether you choose to accept it or not, your company has an employer brand - and the time is now to start doing something about it. To help you get started, your friends here at Local Eye Site have put together a comprehensive ebook that will guide you through the process of developing an employment brand for your eye care practice. Click on the image below to download your FREE Employer Branding eBook!

Click Here for Free eBook!

Want to promote your employer brand? Post a Job on Local Eye Site today and begin recruiting top talent in eye care!


On-Air Radio Panel The Power Hour Optometry

Last week, Local Eye Site hit the airwaves on Optometry’s only live talk radio, The Power Hour, to discuss the topic of hiring in the eye care industry. Our very own Brad McCorkle, founder of Local Eye Site, and Power Hour’s Gary Gerber discussed employer branding, the current state of hiring in the eye care industry, and several other hot topics in optometry, ophthalmic, and optical recruitment.  The show aired on Thursday, June 11th at 9pm eastern, but in case you missed it, we’ve got the recorded version for you right here:

Power Hour Logo

The Power Hour
Aired: Thursday, June 11th at 9PM Eastern Time
Who: Brad McCorkle, Founder of Local Eye Site
Topic: Hiring Staff in the Eye Care Industry

Download the Show Here:

iTunes Download:

During the show, Brad mentioned some additional resources that could be used to help take your hiring to the next level.  For one, our blog is a great place to start.  We’ve also put together a comprehensive employer branding ebook for you to download - free of charge! To download, simply click here or the image below.

Click Here for Free eBook

If you watched the show, but wanted to ask a question, feel free to comment below and we’ll respond to any inquiries we receive as soon as possible.  You can also email us at with any additional questions or comments regarding the show.  Thanks for listening!


June Featured Employer: American Surgisite

by Steven Squires on June 13, 2014

At Local Eye Site, we really appreciate all of our great employers. Every month, one employer is highlighted as a Featured Employer to give you - the job seeker - a little more insight into the types of employers who are hiring in the eye care industry. Whether it’s a new company looking to hire for the first time, an established employer who’s been around the hiring block once or twice, or a well-known company with ongoing hiring needs - they all have one thing in common: They need quality people like YOU to get the job done! Check back here each month for a new featured employer, but first allow us to introduce this month’s Local Eye Site Featured Employer:


American Surgisite is an organization known for high standards of excellence, quality, and dedication to their customers and staff.  According to their website, American Surgisite Centers collectively perform in excess of 200,000 procedures annually, serving patients at nine locations in four northeastern states.  With so many locations to choose from, there’s always a need for quality talent - and that’s where you come in.

Organizations like American Surgisite strive to promote professionalism and consistency in the care they provide for their patients.  As a job seeker, this means that the level of training you would experience at a surgery center like this would be far more superior to centers without the resources and opportunities companies like American Surgisite have to offer. Furthermore, any company with a philosophy to produce an exceptional experience for our customers, patients, surgeons and employees is one that you can rest-assured cares significantly about the people who make the business successful.  Form the perspective of the job seeker, it’s important to consider traits like professionalism, quality of service, and training as part of your search criteria.

Overall, an American Surgisite Center is a great practice to consider on your search for the perfect eye care job.  They’re looking for people dedicated to service. professionalism, and quality, so if you can see yourself working at one of their nine locations, then you may want to check out their available positions on Local Eye Site today!

Search Open Positions from American Surgisite

*Note: The monthly Featured Employer Program is a paid advertisement, and doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of Local Eye Site. If you would like more information about working at American Surgisite, or to apply for one of their available positions on Local Eye Site, then we encourage you to check out their Featured Employer page.


Local Eye Site Announces New Director of Technology

by Brad McCorkle on June 12, 2014

Cameron Lockey

RALEIGH, NC - June 12th, 2014 - Local Eye Site, the leading provider of job-search and online recruitment services for the eye care industry, announced that Cameron Lockey will join their team as Director of Technology.

Cameron brings 10 years of web development and design experience to his new role, in which he will direct all development and implementation of the firm’s web applications and technology for job search and recruitment advertising.

“The experience that job-seekers and employers have as they engage our website is very important to our business,” said Brad McCorkle, founder of Local Eye Site. “Since our services are delivered strictly as a web application, the Director of Technology role is of critical importance to us. Cameron is a talented and creative professional with a strong technical background.  Having him on our team is going to enable us to be even more responsive to our customers. We’re thrilled to have him on board.”

Born and raised in farm country near the coast of North Carolina, Cameron also holds a degree in Film Studies. His keen eye for visual aspects of web development and experience as both a product manager and programmer equip him with a wide range of skills to meet the demand for constant innovation across all aspects of Local Eye Site’s digital offerings and strategies.

About Local Eye Site

Local Eye Site is the leading provider of job-search and online recruitment services for the eye care industry. By connecting with over 30 industry partners through their ‘Power Network,’ Local Eye Site is the most effective recruiting resource for eye care professionals. By partnering with the leading publishers and professional organizations in eye care, Local Eye Site effectively reaches all segments of the eye care industry. There is no better online career resource for Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Technicians, Opticians, Optical sales representatives and more.